ICECO's VLPro Series: A Blend of Versatile Design and Superior Cooling Efficiency

ICECO's VLPro Series: A Blend of Versatile Design and Superior Cooling Efficiency

ICECO's latest introduction to the acclaimed VLPro series – the VL35proS, stands out with its exceptional features and compact design. Not only is it a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts, but it also fits perfectly within the confines of a modern home. Catering to an extensive range of requirements, this series sets a new standard in portable refrigeration.

The VLPro series stands tall with its whisper-quiet operation, strategic storage, energy efficiency, and a design that's both rugged and lightweight. Here, we delve into its distinctive features and suggest model sizes to best match individual preferences.

Ⅰ. Exceptional Features of the VLPro Series

  • Adaptable Multi-opening Lid: The multi-functional lid of the VLPro series opens seamlessly from either side. When outdoors, it can also serve as a makeshift work surface.
  • Single and Dual-zone Configuration: The medium-capacity models like the VL45ProS and VL60ProS are single-zone refrigerators, offering efficient cooling from 14℉ to 131℉. Larger models like the VL75ProD and VL90ProD come with dual temperature zones, catering to varied refrigeration and freezing needs.

  • Robust, Lightweight Exterior: Whether you're on a calm camping trip or an intense off-road adventure, the VLPro's durable exterior has got you covered.
  • Top-notch Compressor: With the Scope compressor, expect rapid and precise temperature settings. It offers silent operation at just 46 decibels and can freeze between 14℉ to 131℉ efficiently.
  • Versatile Charging Options: Featuring both AC and DC charging ports, and two operation modes – MAX and ECO. Prepare at home using the DC port in MAX mode and maintain temperatures on-the-go using the AC port in ECO mode.
  • Three-tier Battery Protection: Safeguard your car's battery with high, medium, and low voltage cut-off features.
  • USB Charging Port: Emergency power needs? Charge your smaller electronic devices with the integrated USB interface.

  • Easy Clean Drain Plug: Effortlessly drain spills or water from cleaning with the refrigerator's intuitive drain plug.

Ⅱ. Which VLPro Model Suits You?

(1) Large Capacity Dual-Zone Refrigerators – Perfect for:
  • Extended Outdoor Enthusiasts: Perfect for campers, explorers, and long-haul travelers, providing ample space for food and beverages.

  • Family Getaways: Cater to varied food storage needs during family trips, from fresh produce to frozen delights.

  • Emergency Situations: In cases like natural disasters or outdoor rescues, ensure the longevity and safety of food and medication supplies.

Recommended models: VL75ProD | VL90ProD

(2) Medium Capacity Single-Zone Refrigerators – Perfect for:

  • Outdoor Sports Lovers: Camping, hiking, picnicking, or fishing – keep your refreshments cool and fresh.

  • Special Requirements: Suitable for individuals with specific dietary needs or temporary medication storage.

Recommended models: VL45ProS | VL60ProS

(3) Small Capacity Single-Zone Refrigerator – Perfect for:

  • Solo Adventurers and Weekend Warriors: Whether you're on a quick fishing trip, a day at the beach, or simply enjoying a day out, the VL35PROS ensures your essentials remain fresh and cool.

  • Compact Travelers: Its space-saving design is especially suited for those with smaller vehicles or limited storage space, making it a prime choice for minimalistic travelers.

Recommended model: VL35PROS

Whether you're setting off on a cross-country journey or seeking convenient storage at home, the VLPro series offers a range of options. Be it the dual-zone with independent temperature control or the efficient single-zone – we're confident the VLPro series will elevate your cooling and storage experience.