Discover ICECO

At the heart of many great adventures and epic road trips, lies the trusted name of ICECO. As pioneers in portable cooling solutions, we've been ensuring journeys are refreshingly chilled for decades.

Our Legacy

Established in 2005, our expertise goes beyond just being a brand. With a legacy stretching back decades, ICECO holds an impressive collection of 104 technology patents. We've evolved into one of the industry's most seasoned manufacturers of portable vehicle fridges, and proudly stand as one of the largest patrons of SECOP. Our products are not only a testament to our commitment but a beacon of our sustainable research and development.

Globally Trusted

Our track record speaks volumes. With over 2,000,000 units sold across 66 countries, it's clear that the world trusts ICECO. Moreover, our reputation shines as we've been handpicked as the primary portable fridge supplier for illustrious automobile giants.

While ICECO has been a household name for only 5 years, our influence is undeniable. With over 4 strategic warehouses dotted across the US, we ensure that our state-of-the-art electric coolers reach you in record time.