Family Nonurbia (Los Angeles)

Erdem Yucel is our customer of VL 60 dual all the way from the gorgeous country Turkey that has been traveling overland all over with world with his Austrian wife Sarah Riedmann and American son since 2014. They are currently resting in LA and hosting projects and personal experiences on the road. Follow their journey on nonurbia.com

Public Service Departments (Covid-19 Vaccine Handling)

We are proud to have our ICECO units used to transport and store Covid-19 vaccines during the pandemic by these reputable public service departments. Thank you for your service!

Vincent (Lakewood)

Vincent from Lakewood got two dual zones and he looks forward to using it on his next camping trip to Lake Tahoe. He loves the dual feature that comes with the VL60. Vincent came in 2 days after his friend bought a fridge from us and recommended us to him.

David Ton (Diamond Bar)

David Ton from Diamond Bar knew about ICECO before coming in. His friend Al recommended us to him so he came and bought the VL 60 dual just like his friend Al. Thankfully he lives closeby so he gets the local customer service treatment. Feel free to stop by for a visit whenever you can!

Michael Solan (Laguna)

Michael Solan from Laguna took our most popular model VL60 dual zone fridge freezer as a great addition to his van living lifestyle. He has an upcoming trip to Sedona so it's the perfect time for a new fridge. Michael found out about us on OfferUp and came in to our office to pick up his dual.

Al (Los Angeles)

Our loyal customer and avid camper Al came in here for the VL60 dual zone fridge. He says he uses only 1 zone for everyday use and the second one when he goes on longer trips. Since then, he got three more of his friends to purchase our fridge by simply posting on his Instagram.

Richard David Rivera (Riverside)

Richard is taking the new TR45  for his camping trip using his Subaru Ascent. Richard came across ICECO through Youtube reviews and particularly liked the TR45 because of its weight and consumption.

Tim Coxx (San Diego)

Tim Coxx from San Diego took our VL60 dual zone fridge freezer and says he's sick of filling up ice on his coolers during road trips. He was happy with ICECO's 5 year warranty and its affordability as he has seen other refrigerators online with the same size around $1500. He would've preferred, however, if the height was shorter so that it would be a perfect fit for the back of his truck. Thank you Tim for your suggestion! It was forwarded to our design and production team.

Jack & Vatche (El Monte)

Jack and Vatche from El Monte came to pick up their JP40 portable refrigerator. They are planning to use their refrigerator on their upcoming trip to Oregon.

Richard David Rivera (Riverside)

Richard is taking the new TR45  for his camping trip using his Subaru Ascent. Richard came across ICECO through Youtube reviews and particularly liked the TR45 because of its weight and consumption.

Thorn Sam (Long Beach)

Thorn Sam came in to pick up his JP42 - 3 in one cooler. He's taking his JP42 to go camping. He says that he will soon be having a transformed van and he will be back with one of his friends to grab another cooler. Looking forward to see you soon Thorn!

Mason Harris Youtube Review

Mason Harris gives us an in-depth review of the VL45 portable refrigerator fridge. Watch what he says on the video as he is very detailed and this will give you enough information if this fridge is the right fit for you.

Doug Metcalf (Anaheim)

Doug Metcalf from Anaheim is converting to a sprinter van and can't wait to start using his VL 60 single zone car refrigerator into use. He's heard of us from Youtube and bought our product based on the reviews.

Mario Elias (Whittier)

Mario Elias from Whitter picked up the latest TR60 model. He's keen to use his cooler on his off-roading trips. He's done some research from Youtube reviews and heard about us simply through word-of-the-mouth.

Taka Iguchi (Irvine)

Youtuber Taka Iguchi came in our LA office because he kept on hearing people talk about ICECO and never heard of it before. He Wanted to find something not too expensive but also not to cheap. He liked that we were in the middle range and recognized our German SECOP compressor.

Khamsay Sasengbong (Ontario)

Khamsay from Ontario came in our office to exchange his VL45 cooler to the TR45 model. He owns a 2017 Tacoma TRD pro pick up and feels that the height of TR45 goes better than the VL45 cooler for his truck. He plans on purchasing a tall new cover for his truck which will make the TR45 model fit perfectly on the back of his car.

David O'connor (Placentia)

David O'connor from Placentia, purchased and picked up ICECO’s new TR45 refrigerator cooler. This model became a perfect addition to his solar power enabled van which is perfect for a long road trip.

Ben Smith & Kiara Hussar (West Hollywood)

Ben Smith and Kiara Hussar from West Hollywood purchased their VL65 Dual zone cooler for their upcoming trip to Yellow Stone. Ben said that he mainly bought this dual refrigerator freezer because he loves ice cream. So do we!

Maureen Bahia & Jimmy Bahia (Eastvale)

Maureen and her dad poses in front of their Sprinter van. Maureen bought the VL 60 single zone car refrigerator as she was planning to go mountain biking and hiking with her husband in Utah, Nevada and Colorado. What an awesome road trip that would be.

Marc Price (Los Angeles)

Family Ties actor and stand up comedian Marc Price took home our 3 in 1 cooler JP42 icooler in blue for his Honda Odyssey as he would like to use it when he travels around and goes camping with his car. 

Jerry and Kinu Hashimoto (Rancho Palos Verdes)

Jerry and Kinu from Rancho Palos Verdes came in to pick up the new TR 45 at our Los Angeles office. They chose the TR because of the size and the fact that it is easy to carry. They hope to use the refrigerator on their camping and road trip along with their Jackery.

Derek Truon (Van Life)

Instagram influencer Derek Truong bought the VL 60 dual zone refrigerator for his US road trip with his partner May. They travel around the US while living in a van life for a living. That's the lifestyle we envy!

Ebony (New York)

Ebony from New York came in wanting the 35L expandable. She loves the size, the material and the fact that it's expandable. She would love to start using the fridge wherever she goes.

Down2mob Youtube Review

Youtube channel Down2Mob Overland reviews ICECO's JP 50 model which he calls a budget friendly introduction into off road, compressor style fridges. Thank you Phil for sharing your insights to the public.

Jeremy Daniel (Riverside)

Jeremy Daniel from Riverside is excited to use his new TR 45 refrigerator for his camping trip to Silverwood with his Nissan Rogue.

Ricky Mercado (Chino)

Ricky Mercado from Chino came in to pick up our latest model TR60. He originally came in for the VL45 or TR45 but it wasn't available in the office at the moment. He's going to be using the TR60 which is more spacious for his upcoming camping trips.

Thank you for trusting ICECO!