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Flexible side-Opening Lid: Versatile lid can easy to open the refrigerator door from each side without removing the lid, more convenient. 

AC&DC Plug, USB charge:  DC power port at both two sides for convenient use; directly plug in 110/240V AC power source;USB outlet for charging mobile devices (fridge must be connected to DC Power Source). 

Secop Compressor: Top tier cooling technology, cooling range from 0°F~50°F, to meet the needs of food cold storage, freezer. 5-year warranty on Secop compressor and 1 year for other parts.

Rugged Construction: Hardened durable steel case, removable internal basket system, height to store 11'' tall items. 

Human Design: Weatherproof control panel; Easy-to-Read LED display; Easy to clean the refrigerator internal box with drain hole.  


Removable Handle

Easy Drainage

LED Light

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rick Harrison
Iceco 37 pros

Surprised how big it is. Works great
Very quiet. Cooled quickly one eco. Very efficient low power usage. I am very pleased. Thanks for building this great fridge for me.

Almost perfect

The workmanship is 100%.The fit and the finish is just perfect. Two design features I would change are the protective corner caps and the functionality of the lid handle. The corner caps are made of slick hard plastic, which is fine for the top four corners. However, the bottom four double as the feet, which can scratch and slide on hard surfaces. A rubberized material would be better suited. The lid handle that releases the latches, pivots from the top. It should pivot from the bottom. It's very awkward to push in and down while trying to lift up. If it pivioted from the bottom, you would be pushing in and up the same direction the lid opens. Other than that, the unit operates just fine. You can hear the compressor run if the room is completely quiet, but nothing that would spoil your sleep.
Hopefully, it's built to last. Lastly, bluetooth would have been nice or a programmable alarm of some sort to warn you if the temperature started to get to warm inside the cooler.

Michael Waszkiewicz
3 week road trip underway

I am currently using this new fridge on a 3 week road trip to National parks. It is working great so far. The temperature varies a few degrees as expected same as a home unit. I did purchase the magnetic power bank. It worked for the first 2 days of my trip and now will not recharge. I had to purchase an additional power bank and it is a great setup.

Samuel McKean
Truck Drivers Honest Review


1. Product arrived well packaged and upright as instructed on side of package as to prevent Freon settling on wrong side of compressor.

2. It did come with some spare parts (corner pcs, handle, drain plug) and both the 12v plug and AC plug which was an added bonus.

3. Upon putting power to unit it cooled down to set temperature rather quickly (within 30mins).


1. The digital display for temp readout does seem to have a bulge between the (4) set screws that secure it to the actual unit. (For the money I paid I expected better).

2. The AC plug is a little on the loose side. I believe it could be an issue in the near future. ( I surely hope not).

3. Customer service prior to ordering product has yet to reach back out to me for the questions I had. (I had to research myself).

4. I would’ve liked for the particular cooler I bought and/or all to be accessible via Bluetooth. (A slight up charge in my opinion would be fine if necessitated).

With the PROS and CONS stated above at 20 days in the fridge/freezer is doing what I bought it to do. Keeping my grocery’s frozen while out here on the road driving around the country supplying America with goods for their household. I purchased it to supplement my built in refrigerator so at the end of my day I have access to healthier food options that I could prepare myself at a cheaper cost than eating out daily.

It rides in my kenworth like a champ day in and day out while also being whisper quite. My only regret thus far is I should have purchased a bigger unit.With that said I do vacuum seal all my food so luckily that frees up some space that traditional packaging takes away.

If all goes right with this product I may upgrade to a bigger one in the near future.

Brian Young
Truckers new frig

Hi, this refrigerator/freezer is working perfectly. Freezes bottles of water easily. Clearly designed controls. Two ways to power; inverter and cigarette lighter. I have a mid size, is heavy at 48 lbs. Nice looking also. Hard to go wrong it's solid.

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