VL90ProD 90L 12V Dual Zone Portable Fridge Freezer|ICECO

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Flexible side-Opening Lid: Versatile lid can easy to open the refrigerator door from each side without removing the lid, more convenient. 

AC&DC Plug, USB charge: A Dual DC power at opposing ends for convient use, directly plug in 110/240V AC power source. USB outlet for charging mobile devices (fridge must be connected to DC Power Source). 

Secop Compressor: Top tier cooling technology, cooling range from 0°F~50°F, to meet the needs of food cold storage, freezer. 5 year warranty on Secop compressor and 1 year for other parts.

Rugged Construction: Hardened durable steel case, removable internal basket system with provision for tall items/bottle. 

Human Design: Weatherproof control panel, easy to clean the refrigerator box with drain hole. Use as a fridge and freezer at the same time to store your foods, or shut down one of the zone can be used as a single zone fridge or freezer. 


Product Features

Powered by Secop

VL90Pro Dual Zone

※ Dimension: 38.*20.5*18.1''

※ Capacity: 90L/95QT

Max &Eco Mode

3 Battery Protection Level

VL90ProD can operate at a minimum ambient temperature of 14℉, the maximum ambient temperature of 131℉.

※ 5 Year Warranty on Secop Compressor, 1 Year For Other Parts

VL90ProD Dual Zone

Weatherproof Thermovent

Removable Handle

Versatile Lid

Control Panel

LED Light

Drain Plug

There is no need to leave extra height to open the lid, you can take off the whole lid.

Power Source

Multi-Power Source

USB output

VL90Pro Dual Zone

Suiatble For Your Vehicle

Durable&High Quality

0℉~50℉ Cooling Range, VL90ProD can be used as a fridge and a freezer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Wow...HOLY Wow

Arrived well packed and undamaged. I was hesitant to spend this much on a cooler - but everything I read said it was much much more than that. Everything I saw and read online was 100% right. This thing is built like a tank and is impressively designed. I plugged this up to the built in inverter on my 22 Toyota Tacoma and quickly them temps dropped from 88 to 33. Super Quiet!! Impressive!! I left it in the back of the Tacoma and to my delight, the factory bed cover closed without hitting the VLPro90 top lids. It seemed to fit in between the built in bed slides just perfectly. I left it overnight without power and woke up to go to work. Temps were still at 50 which I guess was OK without power and 74 degrees outside. Plugged it back up to the Tacoma and drove to work about 35 minutes. When I arrived, temps were in the 30-40's. I disconnected from the Tacoma and plugged in my Bluetti EB3A (which is also awesome) and used it to get to 32 on both sides. Now it's sipping a meager 5 watts from the EB3A and occasionally peaks up to 57 watts when the compressor kicks in. Pretty dang awesome. The EBA3 display is estimating it will be able to power the VLPro90 for the next 4.5 hours (maybe longer/maybe shorter). Everyone I've shown it to at work is simply amazed. There are the nay-sayers who said I can do the same thing with a Yeti - just add ice. My response was - ice takes up room in your cooler, weighs more to haul around, and wont freeze what you want. I'm hoping a few accessories come out soon like a slide and a cover. Other than that - I'm VERY HAPPY customer. I'll end up buying more from Iceco - just need some sales discounts tempt me :)

Dallas Brandewie
Semi truck fridge

Thing is badass takes up quite a bit of room in my truck but I can store my weeks groceries or more. I live it

Carlos Sanchez

VL90ProD 90L 12V Dual Zone Portable Fridge Freezer|ICECO

David Beach
The ICECO VL90 ProL Fridge/Freezer Combo

Its a good product. It keeps the temperatures different on both sides quite well if your using as a fridge/freezer combo. Otherwise you can use it as a big fridge by yousing by sides or a big freezer.

Michael Babcock
Love my VL90ProD freezer/fridge

Nice product, well made and performs well.

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