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  • IMPACT-RESISTANT CAPS - ICECO VL60D 12V Refrigerator provide insulated protective cover as gift for long-lasting use. The shockproof design makes the refrigerator could withstand the hard environment. Sturdy and durable platinum paint shell for long-term using, heavy-duty corner-cap, built-in spring steel handles.
  • INGENIOUS DESIGN - 18.8 inches height, perfect match pick-up truck tonneau cover. A truly dual zone portable fridge that can shut off one zone to used as a single zone 12v refrigerator.
  • MULTI-USE & BUILT-IN AC ADAPTER - Includes 2 power cables to separately connect with 12/24V DC and 110V to 240V AC power for Vehicle and Home. Built-in AC adaptor, easy to connect with socket.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - SECOP Compressor, 40° tilt operation, fast cooling; ETL Certificate; Global Product Insurance.
  • LARGE CAPACITY & DUAL-ZONE DESIGN - 89 Can/355ml Capacity, dual-zone cooling compartment. You can use the ICECO VL60D 12v refrigerator as a portable fridge and a portable freezer at the same time, or set a different temperature for each side. 


Product Features

Product Features

VL45 Portable Freezer Features-Metal Handles

Metal Handle

Tight Lock Latch

ICECO VL60 Dual Zone Fridge Freezer with Cover| ICECO-Portable Fridge-www.icecofreezer.com

LED Light

63QT Large Capacity

Enjoy fresh food and cold drink anytime anywhere

Energy-saving Freezer

Lower power consumption with thick insulation layer

Customer Reviews

Based on 262 reviews
Ronald Dunn
Rib Eyes for days

My first time using my VL60 was a trip to Bass Lake with $200 of frozen Rib Eye steaks. I dedicated the large storage side of the cooler as my freezer. I have AC power in the bed of my truck so it was very easy to set up & use. The freezer worked so good that I left the steaks in there for 5 days before thawing & cooking. No ice, no thawed meat, no worries. This is a really well made & dependable product.

Marc Hellig
Great Quality

Robust and worked like a charm on a recent 3 day camping trip.

Shon Gray
Work as described

The first freezer I got didn’t work well as far as it holding a certain temperature. Customer service was great. They sent me a replacement immediately. This one works good.

Gordon Joyce
Heavy Duty Quality.

This is a fridge for a lifetime. With the recent wildfires in our area, we have not been able to go camping and really test this out. Of course the day after receiving it I plugged it in, filled it with food and beer, and ran it for a couple of days. The compressor was quieter than our brand new LG in our kitchen. Temps stayed right where they were set. We also purchased the cover for it, which fits perfectly, not too snug that it’s difficult to close and not too loose that it is floppy. The cover seems like it will do a good job of protecting the vital parts of the fridge from weather and dirt, especially the lid area, because no one like sand in their food. We overland in a Westfalia and the fridge in it was too small, like a block of cheese, 4 eggs, small mustard and ketchup and it’s full. So, we were always bringing a large cooler and buying ice. This fridge takes up the same space as the cooler (which we don’t need now) and with the Westy fridge removed, we have huge cabinet space to fill with other stuff. We are really looking forward to our next trip.
Thanks Iceco. Gordo.

David Berthiaume
Happy… mostly

We are happy with how cold it kept everything. Not sure how but got small dents inside both compartments. When only we kept food in ziplock bags… nothing hard like cans of drinks or glass bottles. Also glitched a lot when the Jackery2000 was below 75%. Once we plugged it into the wall at home it stopped glitching. Glitching meaning the Iceco would shut off then turn back on and the screen on the iceco would turn ALL the lights on at once like it was rebooting up.


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  • Hello! I ordered a VL60 recently and absolutely love it. I’ve already posted a review in my YouTube channel, Go Take The Ride. I thought that the insulated cover would be included in the package that I ordered and was expecting it, however it was not included. I notice that they are sold out on the website, so I was wondering if they were supposed to be included but was left out of the package to keep orders from being delayed. If so, I would greatly appreciate having an insulated cover for my freezer as it was one of the reasons I had decided to go with this model. Thank you

    VL60 cover will back in stock in later.

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