ICECO Error Codes Breakdown -

ICECO Error Codes Breakdown

If you purchased and received your ICECO fridge and an error code appeared on the display, do not worry, here is a breakdown of what the Error Codes means and the solution to correct it.

You can feel free to contact our customer support team by calling or texting to (866) 494-3797 from Monday – Friday at 9am – 5pm PST and they can help troubleshoot and resolve the issue with you.


E1 & E2

On DC- E1 means battery protection mode is activated. The voltage of the battery is falling below the set battery protection mode. Your battery may also be low. In your manual, there is a voltage cut off chart.  Please set the fridge to LOW battery protection mode, and the E1 code will clear within 10 minutes.


ON AC means fan error. The fan overloads with more than 1A of current. We can ship a replacement fan for some models. Please contact our customer support.


Compressor error. The motor of the compressor is clocked or the pressure difference in the refrigeration system is too high. We may need to replace the unit. Please contact our customer support.


Minimum motor speed error. The compressor overloads and the motor cannot maintain its minimum speed pf 1850 RPMS. Please contact customer support.


Temperature is too high or too low to protect the compressor control module. When the environment temperature is too high or too low, the system load is too large, causing the modules internal temperature 100C>or<-10C. Please contact our customer support.


NTC fault (NTC open circuit or short circuit) Please contact customer support.