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VL75ProD Dual Zone 12V Refrigerator For Car, Home, Outdoor Use

Flexible side-Opening Lid: Versatile lid can easy to open the 12v refrigerator door from each side without removing the lid, more convenient. 

AC&DC Plug, USB charge: A Dual DC power at opposing ends for convenient use, directly plug in 110/240V AC power source. USB outlet for charging mobile devices (12v fridge must be connected to DC Power Source). 

Secop Compressor: Top tier cooling technology, cooling range from 0°F~50°F, to meet the needs of food cold storage, freezer. 5 year warranty on Secop compressor and 1 year for other parts.

Rugged Construction: Hardened durable steel case, removable internal basket system with provision for tall items/bottle. 

Human Design: Weatherproof control panel, easy to clean the 12v refrigerator box with drain hole. Use as a 12v fridge and 12v freezer at the same time to store your foods, or shut down one of the zone can be used as a single zone fridge or freezer. 


Product Features

Powered by Secop

VL75Pro Dual Zone

※ Dimension: 36.5*18.5*18.1''

※ Capacity: 75L/79.2QT

Max &Eco Mode

3 Battery Protection Level

VL60roS can operate at a minimum ambient temperature of 14℉, the maximum ambient temperature of 131℉.

※ 5 Year Warranty on Secop Compressor, 1 Year For Other Parts

VL75ProD Dual Zone

Weatherproof Thermovent

Removable Handle

Versatile Lid

Control Panel

LED Light

Drain Plug

Power Source

Multi-Power Source

USB output

VL75Pro Dual Zone

Suiatble For Your Vehicle

Durable&High Quality

0℉~50℉ Cooling Range, VL75ProD can be used as a fridge and a freezer.

75L Capacity

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Works great

VL75ProD works so good I bought 2. One for each car. =)

Great fridge

For the price and the features it has, it is great value compared to competitors.

Kenneth Yuen
Another awesome review of the VL75ProD

As far as portable fridges go, ICECO has a good balance of features and price points. In my opinion, ICECO concentrates on the features that mattered the most.

The most important feature is the SEPCO compressor. It is one of the preferred compressors in high-end fridges. It is efficient and virtually silent. I would have to pay attention to notice it's on. It has a 10-year warranty to boot! This is one of two key features why I would spend my hard-earned money on it.

The second feature is the lid that can open in three positions, front, back, or entirely unhinged without any tools or configuration, just press the latch. It doesn't get any easier than that. This feature leaves the competitors in the dust.

The construction is a combination of a metal body with reinforced plastic edges and corners and plastic lids. It feels and looks robust and substantial.

The controls are easy to read and understand. It has most of the key features of the competitors minus the Bluetooth function. In my opinion, I just need the fridge to work. I can not be bothered with novelty features that turn out to be more hassle than it's worth. Look at it this way, It’s one less thing to break.

Minor quibbles are the handles and the textured aluminum interior. The handles are primarily plastic with a knurled cylindrical aluminum tube. I did not break it yet but it does have a little give when I lifted the 60 lb fridge. It might serve its function but it does not instill confidence.

The textured aluminum interior is good for even cold transfer within the compartments but it is prone to dents and it does have seams which may contribute to a less-than-ideal watertight seal. I do not know the construction behind the seams and I am not willing to test out my claims so this is just a baseless observation. Perhaps ICECO can shed some light on this subject.

In conclusion, with the price, and features, it’s a serious heavyweight contender and a good company to back the product.


Great fridge, super spacious! Perfect for camping and long road trips.

Joe Stiller
love it

love it

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