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  • Portable Fridge Freezer - VL65 dual zone can be used as a portable fridge and a freezer at the same time. You can control the cabinet through the corresponding display to meet your daily freezing and refrigeration needs.
  • Top Tier Cooling Technology - The VL65D is driven by Secop compressor to ensure the stability of refrigeration. 0℉~50℉ cooling range. 12V freezer and 12v fridge;
  • MAX& ECO Mode - This function allows the compressor speed to be slowed down to increase operational efficiencies (ECO) or increase the compressor speed to provide ''quick'' cooldown (MAX).
  • Impact -Resistant Caps - Provide superior corner strength and impact resistance for long-lasting use. The shockproof design makes the refrigerator could withstand the hard environment. Sturdy and durable platinum paint shell for long-term using, heavy-duty corner-cap, built-in spring steel handles.
  • Car & Home Use- Includes 2 power cables to separately connect with 12/24V DC and 110V to 240V AC power for Vehicle and Home.
  • WARRANTY - 5 Years warranty on the compressor and 1 Year warranty on all other parts. Local after-sales service.


Product Features

Powered by Secop

VL65 Dual Zone

※ Dimension: 32.3*19.4*19.6"

※ Capacity: 65l/68.QT

※ 5 Year Warranty on Secop Compressor

1 Year For Other Parts


Metal Handle

Tight Lock Latch

LED Light

VL45 Portable Freezer Features-Weatherproof Thermovent

Weatherproof Thermovent

VL45 Portable Freezer Features-40° Operation

40° Operation

VL45 Portable Freezer Features-Battery Protection

Battery Protection

Independent Operation



Whole Fridge

Whole Freezer

Power Source

VL45 Portable Freezer Features-12V/24V DC

12V/24V DC

VL45 Portable Freezer Features-110V 240V AC

110~240V AC

VL65 Dual Zone

Suiatble For Your Vehicle

Outdoor Cooling

0℉~50℉ Cooling Range, VL65 can be used as a fridge and a freezer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
James N
Awesome product!!!

Got the dual 65qt fridge for camping. Works great, cools quick, and real quiet. Fits exactly how I hoped it would. Very happy with the purchase and very hapoy with how quick it got delivered. Considering a smaller fridge for the other car now.

Great Customer service

Priced matched their own promotion after purchase was made and credited the difference. I was click happy and guess I ordered the wrong cover size and they caught my mistake , notified me and corrected the issue. Great job Iceco !

VL65 review

I have been running our VL65 in the bed of my truck (24/7) for nearly three weeks now and it has been nearly flawless. I think the temperature setting is off a little - I will need to find out how you calibrate that but so far so good otherwise.

Love it

We just took our ICECO VL65 for a week of travel and camping and love it.
I bought it for the sturdy metal finish and built it into our mini bus at the height of our bed so it doubles as a bag counter.
Glad I went with a chest style.
The baskets rule.
Load them in the house kitchen then transfer to the bus.
And boy does this barely sip power.
I have a 200ah battery and this pulls maybe 3% in 24 hours.
Within a half hour of driving it’s charged back that power.
It’s very quiet. Barely notice it. Pleasant operating sounds.
I love the dual zone. I like options.
One side drinks. One side food.
Only complaint is the easy to use controls display is very bright. Have not looked into if the brightness is adjustable yet.
Very easy to use, intuitive controls.
Overall very pleased.
The build quality overall is very good but noticeably not perfect.
The control panel install is a bit rough not quite janky just not perfect. One latch pulls noticeably tighter than the other but that’s the only flaws.
The price is awesome compared to competitors and so far works awesome.
It was delivered fast.
It’s been on and plugged in for weeks now.
No plans to turn it off.
It’s technically portable and removable but it’s heavy enough that you don’t wanna wrestle it often.

Jose Uribe Jr
It's alright

One of the latches doesn't work and when I have the it set as a freezer the fridge side ices over freezing things on the side of ice

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