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VL45ProS Winner Gives a Detailed Evaluation of the New Series

Written by J.T. Tribe

Introducing the VL Pro Series

New to ICECO's powerhouse 12V portable fridge/freezer lineup is the VL Pro series. It comes in a few different configurations and models which consist of single and dual zone units. What is the difference between single and dual zone units? Well let me explain. A single zone unit is a unit that can be set to a single temperature at once. For example, a single zone unit can have the temperature set as a refrigerator or a freezer for the whole unit. On the other hand, a dual zone unit can split the temperature. For example, The VL75ProD and the VL90ProD can have either side of the unit set to refrigerator temperature and the opposite zone set to freezing temperatures. You can also configure the unit to have both zones set to freezing temperatures or refrigerator temperatures. You can also select to turn off one of the zones to save power if you do not need all the available space of the dual zone units.

Single or Dual Zone Feature

The single zone units consist of the VL45ProS and the VL60ProS. Having a portable fridge/freezer in my kit of gear is essential to me and can be to many others. I use the ICECO VL45ProS daily. Whether I’m out on the trail with local friends and family or during my everyday work commute. Having a fridge/freezer like the VL Pro Series allows one to be prepared for the unexpected. I can always carry water and other essentials that need to be cool in my vehicle and have access to them at an arm’s reach. It has also played a big role in family road trips, grocery store runs, and all-day sporting events. Gone are the days where you have to deal with ice and soggy food or a cooler full of melted ice.

Reasonable Pricing

ICECO lineup and the VL Pro Series are priced right below the competitors and use quality and well-known class winning SECOP compressors which are used in high-end vehicles. ICECO is the definition of quality at a great price! To save you a little more on purchasing any ICECO unit to include the VL Pro Series, feel free to use the following Discount code: JT.Tribe to save 12%.


Below are a few specifications for the VLPro45S as well as other VL Pro Series.

Height: 18.1 Length: 28.1 Width: 15.7

Dry Weight: 50.15Lbs

Warranty/ Customer Service: 5 years on SECOP compressor and 1 year on other parts. Spare parts included.

Top Lid: Super-efficient textured lid that can be opened from either side and completely removed. This is a game changer because it allows you to make the fridge/freezer work for your vehicle vs you having to make your vehicle work for your fridge/freezer. You can always access the contents in your fridge/freezer without having to remove the unit.

Color/Exterior: Black rugged construction with bumper guards along all the edges. White ICECO branding. Green Temperature reading numbers. 3 SECOP compressor ventilation areas.

Interior/Lighting: 1 LED Bar that consists of 8 LED diodes.

Compressor: SECOP Compressor with 5 Year warranty. Compressor running sound 5ft away: 47 DB, 7FT away: 46DB, 10FT away: 45DB

Drain Plug: To make cleaning the interior a breeze. Also, to drain any melted ice if you so choose to run the unit without power. You can also place ice in the unit and run at freezing temps to preserve ice.

Organizing Tray: For ease of packing and unpacking the refrigerator/freezer. Temperature Display: For quick monitoring and temperature setting of the unit.

Efficiency modes: MAX/ECO. Max mode will allow for desired temperatures to be reached faster. Eco mode will achieve the desired temperature set at a slower rate but runs more efficient and pulls less power.

Battery Draw Monitor: The VL PRO Series can be set to LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH Battery draw options to allow you to have unit running when the vehicle is turned off. Depending on your set choice, the fridge/freezer will turn off when the battery has been drawn down to a specific voltage always allowing you to start your vehicle.

Power: The VL Pro Series comes with 1 AC plug, 2 DC plugs, and 2 USB ports to power and charge other devices while being powered via DC. The DC plugs are conveniently placed in the rear and side of the unit to be able to hide the power cable regardless of how the unit is placed.