ICECO's Giveaway Winner Talks  About his New VL Pro 75 Dual -

ICECO's Giveaway Winner Talks About his New VL75Pro Dual

The VL Pro series just came out last month and it's been a hot product for its new users. It is ICECO's first pitch black portable refrigerator fridge that gives a Samurai style look. Its new design of flexible side opening of the lid adds convenience to the experience and you can even charge your mobile devices when the fridge is plugged in.

The VL Pro series has models: VL45ProS, VL60ProS, VL75ProD and VL90ProD

We've had a giveaway for our social media users and the winner from our Instagram giveaway Al or  @sponsoredbywifey is giving us his insight on the new VL Pro:

"Having a portable fridge has become an essential for me, as I’m a frequent camper. During the week, my vehicle doubles as my mobile office for work.
The VLPRO75D comes with some cool new features. The lids can open from either side and it can also be fully removed.
The control panel, AC & DC plugs and USB charging ports are easily accessible. There is a second DC plug on the opposite side to keep the power cord out of sight.
This is a sleek-looking fridge that comes with a great price, 5-year warranty and amazing customer service. It is unbeatable!"