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Single Zone On Wheels UV Light
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JP40 Pro Portable Freezer Camping Fridge

Secop Compressor - ICECO JPPro Series uses the Secop(Danfoss) compressor as cooling system, 5 years warranty on compressor and 1 year for other parts.

Fridge & FreezerThe JPPro Series can be used as a portable fridge or a portable freezer with -4℉ to 68℉ cooling range. Best solution to freeze your ice-cream and keep your essential daily food fresh.

Portable Refrigerator - The JPPro Series features two types of handles and wheels located on the opposite side, providing easy maneuverability on most surfaces. With a 40° tilt anti-vibration function, your food and drinks are kept safe and secure. Plus, its lightweight construction makes it easy to transport on any adventure.

Reversible Lid - Multi-directional lid can be opened from the left, right, or fully opened for easy access to all items inside.This design is suitable for any vehicle and it allows you to completely take out the lid to conveniently grab some food or beverage inside easily!

Optional UV Light - UV lamp automatically sterilizes the refrigerator after 30 minutes of use when it is charged on cord, with the option to turn it off when not needed. 



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  • Can the handles and wheels be removed?

    Hi. Please be assured that the handles and wheels can all be removed separately.

Customer Reviews

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Glenn Britt
We finally did it. Purchased a JP40 Pro!

Our first ever fridge! We purchased a JP40 Pro 3 weeks ago. I cant believe the ease of packing and remo ing items with out dealing with ice/water. This Jp40 Pro barely draws any power off our ne Jackery Explorer 1500. We've completed a couple of differant day excursions and our so amazed at having a fridge instead of a ice cooler. Cant wait for our first weekend camp trip.

joe dowdy
Almost perfect

Fridge is doing great, only complaint is when you open the lid the light is delayed. This is extremely petty but it is a complaint

Will be great for remote camping

Only done some initial testing so far but it's replacing the same physical sized ice cooler we have. 40L will be enough for us for a weekend of camping. The ability for us to camp remotely and not have to worry about ice (which we have done many times) will be great. We're using a 300 Jackery to power when outside the truck and a solar panel we already had to power the Jackery. We like that the model we chose has wheels just like our old cooler since this will not be staying in the truck bed like so many of those "overlanders" do. Cools down fast. Doesn't seem to use a ton of power on either MAX or ECO mode.

Tony Drake

Very pleased with the performance of the cooler first month. Quickly cools to set temperature and retains decent coolness for a period of time off electrical support.

Danny Tang
JP40Pro has been great!

Pros: Compressor is quiet and it can store a lot of food, It takes about 45 minutes to go from 75 degrees to 0 degrees. The fridge is well insulated so the temperature stays cold even at a party with lots of people taking drinks in and out. The UV light is great, it kills the bacteria so when you turn it off, there is no leftover smells.
Cons: The door opening is not ideal, it opens along the short side, but the good thing is you can completely remove it for easy loading.

JP40/50 PRO's Manual Book