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Flexible Dual Zone On Wheels UV Light
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JP40 Pro Dual Zone Portable Freezer Camping Fridge

Flexible Dual & Single Zone - With the partition divider, easily switch between single and dual zones to accommodate all your refrigeration and freezing needs at once.

Fridge & FreezerThe JPPro Series can be used as a portable fridge or a portable freezer with -4℉ to 68℉ cooling range. Best solution to freeze your ice-cream and keep your essential daily food fresh.

Portable Refrigerator - The JPPro Series features two types of handles and wheels located on the opposite side, providing easy maneuverability on most surfaces. With a 40° tilt anti-vibration function, your food and drinks are kept safe and secure. 

Reversible Lid - Multi-directional lid can be opened from the left, right, or fully opened for easy access to all items inside.

Optional UV Light - UV lamp automatically sterilizes the refrigerator after 30 minutes of use when it is charged on cord, with the option to turn it off when not needed. 

Secop Compressor - ICECO JPPro Series uses the Secop(Danfoss) compressor as cooling system, 5 years warranty on compressor and 1 year for other parts.



Product Features

Fridge & Freezer

Multi-directional Lid

UV Light

Secop Compressor



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jeff Braun

Awesome piece of equipment,, definitely would recommend, and will be purchasing a smaller one soon.

Almost perfect

I've had a number of Iceco fridges including the VL45, Go20, APL20, and now the JP40 ProD. The JP40 ProD is my favorite "all rounder" fridge. It feels much more portable than the VL45 (10 lbs lighter, smaller) and has the same dual zone system as the Go20 where it turns into 2 zones when you insert the divider (and the divider can be removed). I didn't think I would like the wheels, but I found them to be quite useful for moving the fridge around. The included insulated cover is very high quality as well. I found the temperatures to be quite accurate overall; you still end up with a naturally higher temp in the top than the bottom, but the middle height was consistently within 1-2 degrees of what I set it to. You do have to be careful when running as dual zone, though; I had it as dual zone at 35F and -4F and had some eggs at the bottom of the 35F side next to the divider and they completely froze solid, so just be careful with how you place items when using such a wide temperature difference.

There are only a few things that I dislike about the fridge. First, the insulated cover blocks the long handle from extending, so you cannot use it to roll the fridge. I tried to leave it out of the cover, but it won't fully close that way. Second, the lid feels a bit loose and wobbly; while I love most things about the lid such as the two way hinge and ability to completely remove it, those same things make it feel a lot less robust and insulated than the other Iceco fridges I've had. Third, the lighting is great, but unfortunately the lights only seem to come on when opened from the side opposite the controls (or when removed completely); with how I position the fridge in my truck, this means the light doesn't ever turn on unless I completely remove the lid. Lastly, I found the large part of the fridge compartment to be kind of awkward for separating items and I wish it included a large basked similar to the VL45 for that side that also acted as a wall for the shelf to prevent items from falling in. Still, with all these issues I highly recommend the fridge, especially at the early bird pricing.

Perfect Size

As noted by the second reviewer (David) I'm happy I waited until this model was introduced. I knew the 21 QT dual zone model (GO20) would be too small and the 55 QT (APL 55) too large.

I've had the unit running for the past week just to make sure all functions work properly. The set temperatures are relatively accurate though when the freezer section is set at -4 F (for the all important ice cream treat!) the refrigerator section tends to drop below the set temperature of 41 F. On a few occasions I noticed the temperature at the bottom dropped to 33 F as indicated by both a thermometer and the digital display. It makes me wonder how well insulated the sliding barrier between the two sections really is. There are other issues, one being noted by "David".

The graphics at the control panel are in reverse as compared the location of the freezer and refrigerator sections. Front is back and back is front. Time to get the label maker out. You would think Quality Control or an Inspector would catch such an error (that and the numerous grammar issues in the manual). Though not mentioned in its specifications, the JP40 Pro D has Bluetooth which does not interest me. What did interest me was the sanitizing UV light, however... there is NO mention of it in the manual that was sent and if you look at the manual on the website (Section 2.5 "UV Sterilizer Settings", page 7) that section is completely missing. So, does this model actually have that feature? The control panel indicates by pressing the "Power" and "Settings" buttons together you will activate the UV light, but there is no indicator showing that is actually happening. The insulated cover is a nice included accessory, however it's in black fabric. I guess the designer failed elementary science since since black absorbs heat! Why not use the reflective interior material of the cover throughout?

Overall I'm happy with this ICECO product though time will tell. The wheels and handle make it a breeze to move about and the unit appears to be solid. The 5 year warranty on the compressor is reassuring. Taking advantage of the 20% anniversary discount was a deciding factor. I doubt I would pay the $699 list price.

Mary McGrew
Great frig

The frig is great. Everything I wanted in a portable frig. I had several items I wanted to purchase but disappointed in the communication I have had with the customer service department. This will probably cause me to buy else for my additional camping accessories.

Great Overall

Like the other review, the un-advertised Bluetooth capability was a nice surprise. I’ve been waiting for a dual zone in this size and so glad I waited, as it’s perfect. Allows me to bring a few frozen items, or run the whole thing as a fridge with plenty of space. Cools quickly and quietly and then runs very efficiently. Looks great.

Cons- the sections are labeled backwards from what you would expect looking at the pictures on the LED screen (front is back, back is front). This gets more confusing when the app uses totally different terms, labeling them as left and right. Hopefully they change this in an update to the app matches the labels in the fridge. The listing also says you get two wire baskets, but they only gave me one. After going back and forth with customer service (first they apologized and told me they would send me the second basket, then they retracted and said the posting was wrong) they ended up charging me for a second basket. They still haven’t fixed the posting, which is misleading to other customers. Lastly, the USB charging port is on the opposite side from the LED screen (front of the fridge), which makes no sense. Why include a convenient port to charge phone and then put it on the side that’s going to be buried in your trunk?

Overall great fridge for the money, slightly suffering from questionable design and false marketing.

JP40/50 PRO's Manual Book

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