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    GO20 Dual Zone 12V Refrigerator

    • Flexible Dual Zone Design- GO20 has two 2 digital touchscreen displays that can be controlled independently. With a detachable partition design, the GO20 dual-zone 12V refrigerator provides 2 separate zones for refrigeration and freezing.
    • High Quality - SECOP(Danfoss) Compressor; Winner of IDEA & Reddot; ETL Certificate; Global Product Insurance.
    • 3-STAGE Car Battery Protection for Safe Trip - GO20 comes with 3-Stage Dynamic Battery Protection to keep your car's battery from draining. Safe and convenient road trip.
    • Fast Cooling & Energy-Saving - You can adjust the MAX or ECO mode according to your needs. In the Max Mode, the power consumption of GO20 is around 45W. Or you could choose ECO mode to save energy and extend the use time of power.
    • 5 Years warranty on the compressor and 1 Year warranty on all other parts. US Local after-sales service. APP Control;


    Product Features

    DC&AC Use

    Built-in Handles

    LED Light

    APP Controlled

    Flexible Dual Zone

    Soft Close

    IDEA & Reddot Winner


    High quality shell with automotive paint surface treatment


    Control all settings and monitor your refrigerator anytime at your fingertips


    Space-saving design let GO20 suitable for most seat of car

    Perfect for Short Trip

    Chill out during your camping escapades!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 74 reviews
    Pamela Walker
    Great dual cooler

    Love this. Purchased for Transit Connect LWB used both for camper & everyday drive. Go20 fits perfectly. I fast charge on AC in house, then in van, the freezer side holds already frozen foods for another 12 hours with little thaw, even without another 12 volt plug in. I use chest with Eco Flow Delta 2 power station's 12 volt plug with only a very small drain on battery. Purchased the cover also. Very happy with this set up. ICECO rocks.

    Go20 Cooler

    I have had the Go20 cooler for a year now and it has been awesome! We use this cooler mainly when grocery shopping to keep our food cold in the car while we continue run errands and not have to hurry home after the grocery store. We now live in the Las Vegas area so the cooler is used every week and we have never had a single problem with it. This cooler is also the perfect size for road trips and can fit easily in any vehicle. We use it in an older Honda civic. I would definitely recommend the Go20 to anyone..

    Myst Pettis
    GO20 Dual Zone

    I wrote a similar review for the VL45, but I am thoroughly impressed by how well this little guy worked. For backstory, I work 2 events in the Mojave desert in spring and end of summer for 12 to 25 days. I mainly used the GO20 as an ice maker, which uses a lot of energy but it worked better than I expected. I had 4 small trays of ice completely frozen everyday I was out there. I also had a few water bottles in there that I would pull out throughout the day and constantly had slushy water to mostly frozen water, which was great. The GO20 is also my current favorite car cooler for short and long car trips. Similar to VL45 my only complaint is not with the GO20 but with the DC 12v cord. It can easily come unplugged. All and all I am very happy with the unit and highly recommend it to friends and family.

    William Sanders

    GO20 Dual Zone 12V Refrigerator 21QT (White) | ICECO

    Mike C
    Great refrigerator/freezer and support team.

    i purchased this unit in 2021 because it is powered by a Secop, alias Danfoss, compressor. I had a Danfoss compressor powering the refrigerator on my boat and cruised the US East Coast and Bahamian Islands for over 20 years and never had a refrigeration problem. Talk about reliability! Recently I had a problem with the freezer portion of this unit (the refrigerator section was working fine) and contacted ICECO. They asked me to perform a couple of tests to troubleshoot the unit and decided to replace it under warranty. Two days later, I received the new unit and I’m back on the air. This is a high quality refrigerator from a company that stands behind their products. I would highly recommend this product to anyone interested in having a small portable refrigerator/freezer which is powered by 12vdc or 110vac. *****


    Ask a Question
    • Can this be used a single zone, is the barrier removable?

      Yes, when you remove the barrier, GO20 can be used as a single zone.

    • What are the interior dimensions…whole and devided?

      Interior Dimension(use as dual zone fridge) Left: 4.9*9.5*9.3'' , Right: 8*9.5*9.3''
      Interior Dimension( use as single zone fridge): 13.8*9.5*9.3''

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