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Learn More About the JP Series + JP40 Giveaway Winner Announced

Congratulations to John Brochu for winning our JP40 fridge by applying through our influencer contest giveaway. We look forward to hear about your personal experience and hope that you enjoy your new fridge for your travels.

For everyone else, don't worry as we love sharing! Keep checking our social media as we love to keep you in the loop on events, discounts, giveaways and huge sales. For now, why don't we go ahead and talk about what the JP series are all about and see what they are all about!

The JP Series by ICECO

Size Variations

The JP series comes in 3 different sizes: JP30, JP40 & JP50. All of the JP series have the same base size length and width of 26 inches by 14 inches. They just differ in their height and capacity.

The JP30 is our smallest with a 30L capacity while JP40 will have a 40L capacity. Our tallest is the JP50 with a 50L capacity; hence, you can simply choose from our variations base on your preference.

Light Weight

The JP series are easy to carry around from place to place because they are light in weight. If you want to go on a quick picnic without hurting your back then you may want to consider checking out what the JP series can offer for your trip.

Removable Basket

The removable basket make it convenient to take food in and out easily. For more storage and extra space, you can simply remove the basket temporarily as needed.

Fridge or Freezer

The JP series can be used as a portable fridge or portable freezer by adjusting the temperature. Its cooling temperature ranges from 0℉ to 50℉ (-18℃ to10℃).

Car Use or Home Use

All JP series comes with 12V DC cable that you can plug in your car, van, truck or bus. An AC adaptor will also be included when you use your fridge at home.

Reliable Compressor 

All the ICECO refrigerators are using the Secop (Danfoss) compressor. One of the most reliable compressors by Germany.

5 Year Warranty

All new items will have a 5 year warranty on the compressor and 1 year for other parts.