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※ 【HIGH QUALITY】- SECOP Compressor, fast cooling; ETL Certificate; Global Product Insurance. For the compressor cooling technology, this refrigerator could achieve fast cooling between 0°F to 50°F(-18℃~10℃).

※ 【MAX / MIN FUNCTION】 - This function allows the compressor speed to be slowed down to increase operational efficiencies(MIN) or increase the compressor speed to provide ''quick'' cooldown(MAX).

※ 【CAR & HOME USE】- VL45 portable fridge Includes 2 power cables to separately connect with 12/24V DC and 110V to 240V AC power for Vehicle and Home.

※ 【BATTERY PROTECTION】 - Advanced compressor electronics use AC, DC. 3 Stage (Low, Mid, High) Dynamic Battery Protection System automatically shuts the product off to prevent a dead car starter battery and improves car battery performance.

※ 【WARRANTY】 - 5 Years warranty on the compressor and 1 Year warranty on all other parts. Local after-sales service.


Product Features

VL45 Portable Fridge Freezer VL45 Portable Freezer
VL45 Portable Freezer VL45 Portable Freezer
VL45 Portable Freezer VL45 Portable Freezer

VL45 Single Zone

Suiatble For Your Vehicle

VL45 Portable Freezer VL45 Portable Freezer

Outdoor Cooling

0℉~50℉ Cooling Range, VL45 can be used as a fridge or a freezer.

VL45 Portable Fridge For Truck

Powered by Secop

VL45 Single Zone

※ Dimension: 27.4*15.8*19.2''

※ Capacity: 45L/47.6QT

※ 5 Year Warranty on Secop Compressor, 1 Year For Other Parts

VL45 Single Zone

VL45 Portable Freezer Features-Metal Handles

Metal Handle

VL45 Portable Freezer Features-Lock

Tight Lock Latch

VL45 Portable Freezer Features-Corner Protection

Corner Protection

VL45 Portable Freezer Features-Weatherproof Thermovent

Weatherproof Thermovent

VL45 Portable Freezer Features-40° Operation

40° Operation

VL45 Portable Freezer Features-Battery Protection

Battery Protection

Power Source

VL45 Portable Freezer Features-12V/24V DC ICECO VL45 Portable Fridge_Power Source

12V/24V DC

VL45 Portable Freezer Features-110V 240V AC VL45 Portable Fridge_AC

110~240V AC

Protective Cover


Cover and VL45 refrigerator are delivered separately

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Darlene Kelley

Nice refrigerator, we bought it to take on a trip.

Happy but…

I’m happy but the AC power cord can come loose really easy and you won’t know it. For sure but the cover for it you will be glad you did. I took it out for a week and was happy. I am disappoint customer service did not answer my request to deal with the cord coming loose. The 45 qt is a great size not to big and not to small.

Wyatt Brown
This is the best portable refrigerator!

This is the best portable refrigerator! I use it on a daily basis and it always keeps my food cold and fresh! It doesn’t use much power and worked well with my power station! If your debating on buying any ICECO products do it! Their products are super high quality, made out of the best materials, and super durable!

Myst Pettis

I receive my VL45 back in July 2022. I have to say I am very pleased with it and its performance. I work 2 events in the Mojave desert, 1 in spring and the other end of summer. I am usually out there for 12 to 25 days.

My first one’s DC port stopped working the first week I had it. The customer service was great and I got a replacement one and it works great.

On average I can get about 38+ hours on my 600w solar generator keeping my VL45 at proper refrigerator temperature. The one problem I have is not with the VL45 but with the AC 12v cord. It can easily become unplugged, but if you don't move it great. All and all I highly recommend this product and have recommended it to my friends and family.

Jim Williams
Runs like a champ

Ran a 48-hour initial test on both AC and DC power sources. With a setpoint of 34 deg F, it oscillated between 30 and 36 deg, and agreed exactly with my thermometer placed inside. The insulating cover was clearly working, since the fridge lid was much cooler to the touch under the cover. Looking forward to great trips with this in the truck camper.

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