52.8QT JP50 12V APP Controlled Portable Fridge With Free Protective Cover

Single Zone Corrosion Resistant APP Controlled
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JP50 12V Fridge Comes With Free Insulated Cover&12 Feet Extension DC Cord

  • Well-Build Portable Fridge: A market approved JP50 12V fridge, JP50 single zone can be used as a 12v fridge or a freezer. ICECO’s Classic Series.
  • Bluetooth APP Control:Enjoy the convenience of an upgraded JP30 Portable Fridge, now with Bluetooth APP control. Connect your fridge to the ICECO app to easily monitor and adjust the temperature, making it easy to keep your food and drinks at the perfect temperature. 
  • MAX & ECO Mode: You can adjust the JP50 to MAX or ECO mode according to your needed. Fast Cooling or Energy Saving.
  • 53QT/50L Capacity: Internal dimension: 18.1*10.6*17.3inches, can hold 72cans of 355ml soft drinks or 42bottles of 550ml beverages or 12 bottles of 750ml red wine. Your best camping fridge for outdoor, RV, Jeep, Truck and etc.
  • Home And Car Use: JP50 comes with a DC cord and AC cable that you can plug directly into your car's cigarette or a wall outlet at home.
  • NO ICE Needed: The temperature range is from -7℉~50℉(-22℃~+10℃). Don't worry about how to keep daily food on the road, say goodbye to the messy cooler. NO ICE ANYMORE.
  • High Quality: JP50 is powerd by Secop Compressor; ETL Certificate; EMC anti-electromagnetic interferenc; 40° tilt Operation; 3-Level Battery Protection System.
  • Package Included: JP50 Portable Fridge*1, Insulated Cover*1, DC Cord*1, AC Cord*1, Extension Cord*1, basket*1, Manual Book*1.
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Product Features

Removable & Backspring Handles
Removable Basket
AC&DC Power Socket
Tightly Lid Latch
LED Light

Suitable Size

 23*13.8*20.9" suiatble for all vehicle

40° operation

The ICECO JP50 works well at a tilt of less than 40°

Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews

This fridge is highly recommended, I put it in my car to travel with me and it cools well and saves energy. 👍🏻

Bob Schult

Haven’t had much chance to use it yet. As I purchased for use primarily in summer.

Bruce Curtis

It's a really amazing refrigerator! I haven't yet used it as a freezer. I have been running it from my Eco Flow 1800 watt solar generator, not attached to solar. I got two full days of refrigeration with still 60% capacity left in the generator. I can also run it from my car, which I have done while driving, That is a game changer too, although the unit does take up a lot of room. I wonder how much insulation is in the shell, because I can feel the cold coming through the shell. That is my only question. Also, the auxiliary jacket that comes with the unit is a nice bonus. I wish we could unzip it right from the top, instead of from the bottom. All in all, a delightful device!

A few things from the instruction manual that aren’t obvious on the website

The handles arrive disassembled and must be screwed to the cooler. Hint to IceCo: Notice how the unit packs more efficiently and box-like without the handles? It’s similar in the trunk of a car. Recessed or strap handles might be a better design.

The handles themselves are sturdy: the tube part is metal. The included T30 L-key is okay, but an insert bit and driver make the job easier. The springs that hold the handles flush to the cooler add some assembly difficulty, but it’s not that bad.

The plastic screw covers are slightly asymmetrical. If they aren’t fitting quite right and you are about to reach for a mallet, don’t. Flip the cover top to bottom and try again. The “V” points towards the outside. Make sure those screws are tight; once the covers snap in they don’t look easy to remove.

“What should I do if the refrigerator is upside down when it is delivered? Please leave your refrigerator upright for 24 hours to allow the compressor lubricant to resettle before powering on the fridge. Otherwise it may contribute to certain operation abnormalities”. Just because it was upright at your door doesn’t mean it was that way throughout shipment. I’d give it a day before turning on your new toy.

The cover is fancy. Mesh areas for airflow around the compressor, a clear patch over the controls, velcro flaps go inside the handles, and holes for the feet. A wrap-around zipper keeps everything together. It isn’t very thick, so I’m skeptical that it insulates a lot, but it does keep the cooler looking nice.

Functionally, it does what it is supposed to!

Richard Mitchell
Could be better

Let me start by saying that I like the cooler for the most part. I only have 2 negatives to say after using the cooler for about 2 weeks now. I'm a truck driver and I bought this as a way to keep things refrigerated because I have a 75 quart dual zone from another leading brand that I use as a freezer. The first issue I have is that the uv sterilization light doesn't work on mine. While that's not a deal breaker, it is disappointing seeing as how that's one of the features that makes the pro model more expensive. The second negative is the thermostat and temperature fluctuations. I have to set my temp at 42 to keep things from freezing and if you trust the temperature reading on the display it reads 48 before the compressor kicks on and 32 when it kicks off which is not a problem I have with my other cooler. I'm not as happy as I feel like I should be at this price point.

Questions & Answers

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  • What is the height needed to fully open the lid, measuring from the floor (or truck bed in my case)?

    at least 40.2''

  • Does the fridge auto shut off if it detects a low power draw from the car battery

    yes, if you set the battery protection as low, the fridge auto shut off when the battery reach low level

  • Can JP50 and JP40 be operated both freezer and fridge at the same time? If not which models does?

    Sorry to tell you that JP40 and JP50 are single zone fridge freezer, it can't operate as fridge and freezer at the same time. You can take a look at dual zone models, like GO20, VL60D, VL65D, VL75ProD, VL90ProD.

  • Does it come with a at cord?

    JP50 comes with DC and AC power cord and a extension cord.

  • Can the VL60 Single Zone 12v Freezer be operated as a refridgerator if you do not want to freeze food?

    yes, VL60 single zone can be a refrigerator or a freezer.

  • Watching JP50 reviews and see complaints about DC power plug popping out of the charger randomly. Has that issue been remedied? I want to buy today, but that may be a deal breaker... Please let me know. Thank you!

    yes, we have upgraded the DC cable.

  • Can it be run on 24v dc.

    Hi there, JP50 12v refrigerator can run on 12/24V DC

Manual Book

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