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※ Flexible Dual Zone Design

※ -4℉ to 68℉ Deep Cooling

※ Bluetooth APP Control

※ Damping Door Hinges

※ 28.7 x 18.7 x 18.9 Inches

※ 55L / 58QT Large Capacity

❄️ -4~68℉ Wider Cooling
❄️ Damping Door Hinges
❄️ Bluetooth APP Control
❄️ Extra Thick Insulation Layer
❄️ Innovative Flexi-Zone Design
❄️ 5 years warranty Secop compressors & 12 months warranty on all the other parts


App Controlled

Removable Handle

Soft Close

Easy Drainage

LED Light

Weatherproof Thermovent

Upgrade Your APL55 with Must-Have Accessories

80w Solar Panel & Wheel Tray can be purchased separatly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
WA Bumbler
Enjoying the new APL55 Dual Zone

I needed a dual zone for some of the field work I do. Until now the dual zone fridges were too large to conveniently fit my XTerra. The APL55 fits well, is well made and meets my needs. Thank you for a quality product. Just got back from 9 days in the Oregon Owyhees. It stood up to the rough roads and performed beautifully.

Thomas Jenkerson
Wicked Piece of Equipment

I haven't actually ran it through its paces other than running it in the front room of my home, but I've got to tell you, I'm really impressed so far. Nice work Iceco!

Ronnie Puckett
Solid fridge/freezer


Solid and built for rough travel: The ICECO APL55 is designed to withstand rough travel and outdoor adventures, making it an excellent option for camping, road trips, and other activities. The ICECO 55 is slightly heavy, but being solidly built and extra insulation is the trade-off.

Quiet: This product has a quiet operation, so you won't have to worry about it disturbing your peace and quiet while you're enjoying the great outdoors.

Good battery conservation: The ICECO APL55 seems to sip battery life, which means you can use it for extended periods of time without having to worry about recharging your battery.

Nice look: The product has a rugged design and looks great, which is always a plus!

Overall, the ICECO APL55 is an excellent option for anyone who needs a portable and durable fridge/freezer for their outdoor adventures.
Do I recommend the APL55? YES!

Jeff Fink
Good. Not great.

This is my second fridge I’ve had for my van. First one was fridge only ARB that worked great. I wanted to try a fridge/freezer combo and honestly I’m kind of disappointed. While it does keep things cold, I wouldn’t trust it overnight to keep things frozen.
Also, one of the clasps doesn’t clamp down the lid at all. It’s just loose and rattles when driving. Doesn’t seem like a tight seal at all. I may be able to adjust it but need more time to look at it.

Rick Rice
So far so good :)

I haven’t really had the APL55 long enough to give a thorough review, but so far I can comment on the following:

1. Excellent performance when running on household current or on 12v DC in “normal” mode. Cools down quickly and maintains the temperature.
2. Not impressed with “Eco Mode”. Only good for refrigeration and coldest it maintains is high 30’s F.
3. IOS App is crap, but IceCo didn’t create that App.
4. Good insulation properties. Maintains frozen food for several hours when unplugged.
5. It is very heavy and difficult for 1 person to manage.
6. It is priced very close to other high end 12 volt fridges that have a much longer proven track record.
7. Black finish on fridge looks great. Unsure about its durability.
8. No accessories that fit the APL55. I need an insulated cover to help protect the fridge and the wheeled cart that attaches to this unit is still not available.

I will update this review after I’ve had it for a while. So far I’m satisfied with my purchase.

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