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JP50 Pro Portable Freezer Camping Fridge

Secop Compressor - ICECO JPPro Series uses the Secop(Danfoss) compressor as cooling system, 5 years warranty on compressor and 1 year for other parts.

Fridge & FreezerThe JPPro Series can be used as a portable fridge or a portable freezer with -4℉ to 68℉ cooling range. Best solution to freeze your ice-cream and keep your essential daily food fresh.

Portable Refrigerator - The JPPro Series features two types of handles and wheels located on the opposite side, providing easy maneuverability on most surfaces. With a 40° tilt anti-vibration function, your food and drinks are kept safe and secure. Plus, its lightweight construction makes it easy to transport on any adventure.

Reversible Lid - Multi-directional lid can be opened from the left, right, or fully opened for easy access to all items inside.This design is suitable for any vehicle and it allows you to completely take out the lid to conveniently grab some food or beverage inside easily!

Optional UV Light - UV lamp automatically sterilizes the refrigerator after 30 minutes of use when it is charged on cord, with the option to turn it off when not needed. 



Multi-directional Lid

Multi-directional lid can be opened from the left, right, or fully opened for easy access to all items inside.

UV Light

UV lamp automatically sterilizes the refrigerator for 30 minutes when it is charged on cord, with the option to turn it off when not needed.

Versatile Temperature Control

Temperature range of -4℉ to 68℉ with the ability to cool down from 77℉ to -4℉ in just 38 minutes.

Magnetic Panel

The ICECO magnetic battery can attached to the magnetic panel to power on the freezer for on-the-go use.

Reversible Lid

Open the JPPro from left side, right side or take the whole lid.

Mobile Refrigerator

Equipped with wheels, you can take JPPro everywhere easily.

Free Insulated Cover

JPPro comes with free insulated cover.


Ask a Question
  • How tall is the 50 pro

    Hi. Dimensions of JP50Pro fridge are: 28.5*13.8*21''.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
William Marquardt
Just the product we needed!

We purchased the JP50 Pro for keeping food frozen while on road trips and while returning from the grocery store which is over an hour from our home.

Recently we took a road trip to Florida with the JP50 PRO and it performed flawlessly. Between the DC power in our Subaru Impreza and the AC power in hotels, the food was kept frozen the entire 16 days of our trip (and over 3200 miles). We are extremely satisfied with our JP50 Pro and will be using it extensively in the future.


Wow the JP50 goes where I go!..no more messy ice!!From the Amish Country in Ohio to the Low Lands of Charleston Sc its with me!..no problems bringing amish cheese and meats back home!!

ICECO JP50 Pro Survived Burning Man Weather 2023

I took this ICECO JP 50 Pro wheeled freezer/ Refrigerator to Burning Man 2023 for 13 days. It was under our monkeyhut next to our kitchen set up.
The ICECO temperature stayed consistent. Food stayed frozen. Outside temperature (weather) was 103*F to 54*F. Used it in conjunction with our 1500 watt solar generator and 350 watts of solar suitcase. So glad it came with an ICECO cover. This was a great purchase. When I got home, I wiped down the playa dust with a damp cloth of vinegar and water. Looks good as new. Its ready for 2024 Burning Man.

William Sanders

52.8QT JP50 Pro Wheeled Portable Freezer With Cover | ICECO

Richard Kaplan
Terrific Product

The product is everything it claims to be. Cools quickly, easy to manuver, holds plenty of product and is very convenient. I use it at home on my patio and when I travel up north. I highly recommend this item

JP40/50 PRO's Manual Book

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