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Single Zone Aluminum Freezer Ultra Silent
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Main Features


※  22.9 LBS Lightweight

※  Ultra Silent ≤ 32 dB

※  -4℉ to 68℉ Deep Cooling

※  20L / 21QT Portable Size

※  25 x 14.9 x 11.6 Inches 

※  5-year Warranty on Secop compressor

※  LA Local After-sale Service


Corner Protection

Tight Lock Latch

Spring-Loaded Handle

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Scot Osborn
Form and Function!!!

This unit is awesome! I love the styling and how well the unit works. This unit looks good in the back of my f150 overland rig as well as in the back of my 1987 Wagoneer. It matches both rigs and looks like it belongs. Plus it cools down quickly, is quiet, uses hardly any energy, (about 11-13 watts when running) and I can control it from my phone. I love it!!!

Mike Anjola
Crazy Awesome

I placed an order online and the unit arrived inside of two working days. The unit was well packaged and arrived undamaged. Plugged it in after unboxing to ensure it worked. It went from a internal temperature of 85 and cooled down to 36 in under half an hour on eco mode. Would like to see a ECO button on the front like my other unit but it is available via the APP. The installation of the APP was quick love the QR Code to get the correct Application! This unit will be used for running back and forth to our summer camp that does not have power and have high hopes this is going to fit the bill vice buying a bunch of ice.

Steven Helmuth
Honestly, it’s perfect.

ICECO finally built the perfect fridge for my needs. I didn’t want or need a big, power-hungry fridge for my solo photography adventures. This small fridge can run almost 5 days on my small 537Wh power station. That’s amazing. Efficient, quiet, rugged plus a latchable lid. Whether intended or not, the tough metal handles make using a cable to securely lock to vehicle very easy. The spring-loaded handles prevent rattling on rough roads and off-road. So well thought out and really well built. Super happy with this purchase and the value is tremendous.


I purchased my APL20 a few months ago and it was a dream right out of the box! Its low profile and compact size was perfect for fitting into my travel van without having to make any major alterations. It’s low noise compressor was a huge improvement from my previous electric cooler. I also really love the Bluetooth app and being able to control the temp from the palm of my hand.

Unfortunately after a few weeks the fridge had stopped working but customer service has been great with helping me resolve the issue.

Awesome Little Fridge

We got this to use when we don’t need our vl45pro and this is perfect. It cools quickly has enough room for our day trips in our Jeep.


How long does the shipping time usually take? Is there an expedited shipping service?

Shipping time typically takes 3-7 business days. And we currently have no expedited shipping service.

How do I download the ICECO APP that can control my fridge?

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