Van Life Safety Tips for Solo Female Campers -

Big props to the female campers out there that are starting their van life lifestyle on their own to experience the joy of solo camping. It's quite a challenge to not let fear hold you back from your adventure but you have to do it with precaution especially when doing it alone. 

Here is the ultimate guide with 5 tips to stay safe when traveling. Make sure to follow these tips as you always want to prioritize your safety on the road.

1. Use curtains

It doesn't take a lot of money to purchase curtains but you'll be very thankful to have them. Having curtains will give you more privacy while you are sleeping and you don't want people seeing how the inside of your home looks like when you are away from the van.

2. Share your Location to Trusted Friend or Family Member 

Make sure to always tell someone you trust on your whereabouts so that they'll know where to look incase they do not hear from you.

3. Do some Research on your Camping Site

Always Read Reviews and see what others are saying about the camping site.This will let you know what to look out for and if it is really the camping site that you want to stay at on your own.

4. Act Like You are Not on Your Own

Set up your camping site like you have company. Leave a second chair outside with some extra shoes to give an illusion that you are not on your own.

5. Don't Post Your Location on Instagram or Facebook

Social media can be a fun place to connect with people especially when you are on alone. However, you never know who is on your social media so do not post your location unless you have left already.

6. Have a Device that You Can Use When There is No Phone Service

When traveling from place to place, you will encounter that some camping sites or sites on the road have no cell service. Make sure that you have a device such as Garmin Inreach that would help you communicate when there is no signal.