Van Life Hacks and Tips for Living on the Road -

Van Life Hacks and Tips for Living on the Road

Living life on the road can have it's challenges. Here are a few van life hacks and tips that might make your life on the road a little less challenging. 

1. Velcro tape and hooks
One of those challenges is all of your items rolling around while you’re driving. To help alleviate that challenge, install velcro tape on your item to keep it in place while you’re driving.  You can also use velcro tape to hang portraits and other home decors to give your van that homey feeling. By installing hooks, you can easily hang your wet clothes, bags, towels, and many other things. This is a great substitution for extra storage and even a clothesline in your van.

2. Mosquito net

We all know how annoying those pesky little bugs can be in the summertime and the last thing anyone wants is them living rent free in your living space. The summer heat can get intense and you may want to leave your van door open to help circulate the hot air out. Install a magnetic mosquito net to have easy access into and out of your van without worrying about those pesky bugs coming in.

3. Magnetic spice rack
Space is limited in #vanlife and the key is to utilize every inch as best as possible. A magnetic spice rack will not only allow free space in your cabinet but you will now have easy access to your spices when you're cooking. Not only do they look great but they're very functional.

4. Fruit hammock hanger 
Storing fruits can be a bit challenging since space is already limited and the biggest challenge is for the fruits not to get bruised. No one enjoys a bruised fruit. With a fruit hammock hanger, you can save space and keep your fruits fresh to rip naturally. You no longer need to worry about it rolling away.

5. Gym Membership
If your van doesn't have a shower installed, you can purchase a gym membership to gain access to all the amenities a gym offers, including showers. Consider purchasing a gym membership that has multiple locations throughout the country. It might be an extra charge per month for this option, but it'll definitely be worth it. You'll be able to stop by many different locations to wash up.