Things to Consider when Buying a Used Van -

Van life has become an in-demand lifestyle nowadays and more people are seeing the benefits of a minimalistic life filled with adventures. The problem is starting a van lifestyle is generally not cheap. The price of a van and its conversion adds up. Thus, a lot of people are opting to buy used vans. Seeing good deals on Craigslist will save you a lot of money but you have to beware as it may come with some risks.

1. Have a Mechanic Inspect the Van

Pre-purchase inspection before buying a van for any mechanical issues. This will save you a lot of money in the future as you do no want to be paying more to fix the van as it will also require more work.

2. Check Milage

You want to know how long the van has been used and how many miles it has driven. More mileage doesn't mean that the van is in a worse condition though. Some vans with lots of milage and can still be in a good condition that can last for years.

3. Water Damages

Check if there are any odd smells. Check the corner sides of the van or if there are any signs of delamination. Open the cabinets and see if there are any molds.

3. Test Drive

You'd want to test drive the van first before making any commitment and see how you like it. Check how the brakes work and see if you can get well adjusted to it.

4. Rust

Major rust problems can lead to a lot of work to fix. It's not just a cosmetic issue, but its damages can lead to a lot of safety problems in the future.

5. Vehicle Year

Typically, newer vehicles are safer to drive so it would be good to know which year the owner bought the vehicle. Vintage cars does have their own charm so choose is based on your priorities.