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Top 5 Cool Camping Essentials You Haven’t Thought Of

You can have best camping trip and make it a comfortable outdoor experience by having the right setup and gear. Yes, we all know that we have to bring a sleeping bag, tent, first aid kit, food and water when going camping but what are we missing out on? Hence, here is a list of 5 things you should consider getting before going camping.

  1. Portable Refrigerator Freezer
best camping essential portable refrigerator freezer cooler


If you want to keep your food and drinks cool, then have a look at ICECO’s 3 in one. This product can be used as either a refrigerator, freezer or cooler and it has 2 cables that can operate on a AC/DC charger. This means that you can plug it in your car and have it running while you are driving too! Hence, this cooler will be your best friend during those long road trips and you won't have to worry about getting yourself some nice chilled drink. 

  1. Power Station

    portable power charger for camping

    If you need to charge your devices, or use some appliances that require electricity then you should consider trying Jackery power station. It's a small portable power station. van life camperPhoto: @mayand traveI

    Van life travel couple May and Derek used the VL 60 Dual refrigerator freezer along with the Jackery power station as a perfect combination to living comfortably in their van.


  2. Water Purifier

    water purifier for camping

    Water is life! Sometimes when you are at a camping site, you may find some natural sources of water. You can have contaminated water to be safe to drink with this easy to carry water filter called the Lifestraw Water Purifier. 

  3. Portable Toilet

    portable toilet for camping


    Sometimes, restrooms may not be an option when camping which is why having your own Go Anywhere portable toilet can be handy especially if you can fold it and stack in anywhere in the car. You can use disposable bags to throw it right away and stay sanitary.

  4. Collapsible Pots

 Portable camping essential for cooking

The X-port collapsible pots are cooking pots that collapses to 1.5 inches. This will help you utilize as much space as you can for your upcoming trip. Enjoy making your favorite meal without having to sacrifice that extra space to bring.