Tips to Afford a Van Lifestyle -

Living in a van is a lifestyle that many are starting to desire especially because it tends to give you more freedom. It also gives you a chance to see the world at a different perspective so what are some tips so that you an afford a van lifestyle?

1. Be a minimalist

Buy only what you need because you don’t want to bring too many things and sell what yo do not need. Space is everything when it comes to living in a van.

2. Find remote jobs and side hustles

Find jobs where you can work remotely. Many van life people choose to document their van life journey and monetize on it. You can also look at some side hustles on Fiverr for some jobs that fit your skills. Also, lots of people want to learn more about van living, so you can even make a course on the steps to do it and some lessons you have learned from your journey.

3. Eat home cooked meals

Eating home cooked meals is not only healthier but cheaper than eating outside. Make sure to have a small kitchen in your van for your daily meals. Portable fridges may sound expensive but it's an investment. In the long run, buying ice over and over again will actually end up being more expensive so make sure to check out ICECO's portable fridges to see what fits your needs. 

4. Learn to do some manual work and do the renovations yourself

Thanks for the internet you can pretty much learn anything now. Thus, do all the manual work yourself and learn how to fix what needs to be fixed in your van. You'll be having problems from time to time so it will save you a lot rather than having to pay someone for the repairs.

5. Research cheap and free campgrounds

Do some research on where you can park your van. Some subscriptions may be worth it as well so make sure to see all our options so that you won't have to worry on where to park your home. Some apps such as RV Parks and Campgrounds would be very useful to where you plan to stay.