Tips for Planning a Last Minute Camping Trip for Memorial Day Weekend -

Tips for Planning a Last Minute Camping Trip for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is coming up and most people like to take advantage of the extra day off to plan a trip somewhere. If you just started looking and realized booking a camping ground is not possible because they are fully booked, here are some tips to find a campground for Memorial Day weekend. 

1. Search for first-come, first-serve spots

This may not be an easy task and there's no guarantee, but it's not impossible! The saying is, “The early bird gets the worm”. You'll have to make sure you're all packed and ready to go as early as possible to avoid the traffic and the crowd, but if you're able to pull it off, it'll be worth it!

2. Visit a smaller park

You may not be able to camp at Yosemite National Park but the pros of visiting a smaller park are dealing with a smaller crowd and less traffic. Nobody enjoys sitting in traffic just to enter and exit the camping grounds. With a smaller park, you'll be able to enjoy the scenic view and take amazing photos with no one photo-bombing your photos in the background. 

3. Keep checking for last minute cancellations

If you have your heart set on a camping ground and it's fully booked, there may be a group who made reservations months in advance and had to cancel last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. You may be lucky enough to snag that spot! Keep checking and refreshing the website for that chance!

 4. Adjust your schedule

If you can request a few extra days off or cash in those vacation hours, it'll be easier to secure a camping ground. Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest weekends but if you leave earlier or later on a weekday, it'll be less stressful!

5. Consider backcountry camping but you'll need a permit

If you're wondering what backcountry camping is, it means you'll be surrounded by nature fully with no facilities, amenities, or even a road near by. Because of this, receiving a permit to secure a campground is more accessible even during peak times.