Our Hearts & Prayers Go to Gabby Petito - www.icecofreezer.com

We take a moment to remember Gabrielle Petito, a joyful van life vlogger who enjoyed exploring the national parks around the United States. May she rest in peace.

Gabby Petito was reported missing on Sept. 11 after her fiancé Brian Laundrie came back to his home in Florida by himself with Gabby’s van from their four month road trip together.

The crime case got so much attention to the media and public eye that resulted a public effort to find Gabby Petito. The search for Petito is now over and her body has been found and identified. Unfortunately, the autopsy ruled her death as homicide.

Brian is now reported missing as well and is now named the only person of interest. The FBI asks the public for help to finding Brian Laundrie as their search team continues to look for him.

How to Help Victims of Domestic Abuse Find Safety:

If you suspect someone as a victim of domestic violence, you can impact someone’s life by doing your part.

1. Talk and Listen

Talk to the victim, tell them why you are concerned and ask hard questions. Let them know that the conversation you are both having is confidential.

2. Look at the Signs

If you notice any bruises or cuts on the victim or temper tantrum from the perpetrator then it could be due to an abusive relationship.

3. Don't Make Any Judgments

The victim usually is the only who sees the dark side of her perpetrator. Reassure the victim that their feelings are valid and normal.

4. Offer Resources for Support

Look up online for some resources that could help the victim's needs. For Instance, National Domestic Violence Hotline would be a great open space for the victim to open up and tell them their story as they know exactly how to support the victim and resources to find help.

5. Call Police 

If you have seen or or heard domestic violence taking in place and believe that the victim is in danger then it is time for you to call 911 and let the authorities know.