How to Stay Connected (Wi-Fi) While Living on the Road -

How to Stay Connected (Wi-Fi) While Living on the Road

One of the challenges while living life on the road is staying connected. Staying connected is important in today's society, it connects us with relationships, keeps us updated with what's going on in the world, and a lot more. So how would you stay connected if you're constantly moving on the road? Here are some tips:


  • Free Public Wi-Fi

This is a great option to get Wi-Fi while living on the road. Many public spaces will provide free Wi-Fi such as cafes, shopping centers, local businesses, cities, campgrounds, and more. It’s a great option to stop and take a break from driving on the road, use the restroom, get food/drinks, and catch up on connectivity. If you don’t want to go down and sit inside, you may get some connectivity from the parking lot but depending on the area and if there are a lot of people using the public Wi-Fi, connection can be low. This is a great option to always stay connected while taking a break while moving on the road.

  • Mobile Hotspot/ Tethering

With a mobile hotspot, you can access Wi-Fi connection wherever you have your cell phone connection. This option is not free and you would need to purchase this data plan with your cell phone provider. If you purchase this data plan, you can easily access Wi-Fi while moving on the road; you won’t need to stop at a public spot. It’s a great and convenient way to stay connected. You can even share this Wi-Fi connection with others or you can set a password so others won’t be able to connect to your Wi-Fi. Some things to consider is since it’s connected through your cellular network, it may interfere with your phone connectivity if you get a phone call. It also drains your phone battery a lot quicker. Other than that, it’s a great option to stay connected on the road.

  • Specialty Devices

If you constantly need a good connection to Wi-Fi, you can purchase an embedded router. This may be the most expensive option to get connectivity. Installing a router may take some time to set up and depending on the location you’re at, you may receive low connection. However, the pros to this option are you will have internet access on the road and you won’t need to stop to access connectivity. It’s great when you’re located in the middle of nowhere. You will be able to do check emails, send text messages, and stay connected.