How to Receive Mail While Living on the Road -

One of the challenges while living life on the road is figuring out to how to get mail. If you're considering life on the road or are currently living on the road and looking for tips on how, here are a few ways you can receive mail while on the road.


  • U.S Postal Office

The U.S Postal Office offers general mail delivery for those who need a temporary mailing address to receive mail. You can find which participating Postal Office offers this option by visiting their website or contacting the office location you're planning to have mail sent to. If you decide on this option, be sure the mail is being addressed to the specific Postal Office with the correct address. Notate that this option may differ if the mail/package is being sent via another postal service such as UPS, FedEx, and other non-USPS service.



  • Friend or Relative Address

If you're traveling to an area that is located near where a friend or relative lives, you can ask permission if you can send some mail or packages to their home and plan to pick up as you drive by. Be sure to check the estimated time of arrive your mail or package will be delivered as you want to make sure you're going to be near the area of your friend/relative's address.


  • Amazon Lockers

Amazon has many lockers located throughout many areas that make it a convenient and easy way for you to pick up your packages. When you're shopping for your item, check to see if a pick up at an Amazon Locker is available. This option may also apply to a few retailer stores. With many locker location, it'll be easy for you to plan where you would like to pick up your package.


  • In-Store Pickup

Many main retailer stores offer In-Store pick up now and some may even offer same day pick up. This option makes it easy and convenient if you need to purchase an item last minute. You won't need to wait a week for the item to deliver, you can plan a pick up the same day or even the next day. With an In-Store pickup, you won't need to worry about an address to ship your package to. Some store will even offer curb side pick up so you won't have to get out your vehicle. Just make sure your vehicle will fit into the regular parking spot for this option.  A great advantage with this option is most retailer store will offer free shipping with no extra cost. 


  • Lodging Establishment

If you're planning to stay at an area for a few days, you can check if some of the local lodging establishments such as hotels, campgrounds, RV parks, and more will offer an option for you to have your mail delivered. If you decide with this option, be sure to contact and confirm with the hotels and establishment if they offer this service. You can ask for the mailing address and where you can pick up your mail/package.