Gear up for Summer Adventures with ICECO: Cool Savings, Hot Deals!

Gear up for Summer Adventures with ICECO: Cool Savings, Hot Deals!

ICECO, a leading manufacturer of high-quality portable refrigerators for outdoor enthusiasts since 2005, is excited to announce their Summer Sale! With a strong commitment to sustainable research and development and over 104 technology patents, ICECO ensures that you can enjoy fresh food and cold drinks wherever your adventures take you. As one of the largest purchasers of SECOP compressors, ICECO guarantees exceptional performance in all their products.


From July 10th to July 13th, take advantage of ICECO's exclusive discounts and promotions on their entire collection during the Summer Sale. Visit ICECO's official website and enjoy a 20% discount on the majority of ICECO's 12-volt fridges and a 10% discount on the APL55.


Here are some of the fantastic savings you can enjoy:

  • VL60D With Cover – SAVE $170: Experience the ultimate convenience of a fridge and freezer in one, without the hassle of melting ice. With a large capacity of 63QT and flexible dual compartments to prevent flavor mixing, it's ideal for camping trips, road adventures, and beyond.


  • VL75ProD – SAVE $200: Designed for any outdoor activity, this dual-zone fridge features a multi-directional lid and sturdy construction. Its 40-degree tilt operation, MAX & ECO MODE options, and 3-level battery protection ensure the freshness of your food while safeguarding your vehicle battery.


  • GO20W – SAVE $90: Perfect for short trips, this compact fridge offers a dual zone control partition plate, allowing flexible storage options. With smartphone APP control, you can adjust settings and monitor the fridge's temperature on the go, ensuring easy management of your food storage during outdoor activities.


  • APL55 – SAVE $86: Backed by a 5-year warranty on the compressor and a 1-year warranty on other parts, this fridge freezer is powered by a reliable SECOP compressor. It efficiently cools between 68°F and -4°F, keeping your food fresh and drinks chilled. The innovative transformable dual system of the APL55 provides unparalleled flexibility to meet diverse storage needs.


Please note that due to rounding or system limitations, the actual discounted price may vary slightly from the savings amount mentioned above. Rest assured that you are receiving 10% off on APL55 and 20% off on the rest of the line during the Summer Sale.


But that's not all! Don't miss out on ICECO's limited-time rewards program. Participate in the Rewards program, where every $1 spent earns you 1 ICE Point. These points can be redeemed for a range of fantastic products, including a Cooler Box for 400 ICE Points, an ICECO T-Shirt for 600 ICE Points, or a Defrosting Tray for 700 ICE Points. Snag these amazing rewards while they last!


As summer sets the stage for outdoor adventures, invest in reliable and innovative cooling solutions with ICECO. No more soggy foods and constant trips to purchase ice. Visit and make the most of your summer adventures with ICECO's Summer Sale.