5 Fun Camping Games for the Summer - www.icecofreezer.com

Camping with family and friends is always filled with fun memories as you get to spend more time with one another. Make sure to plan some fun activities such as exciting games that will make your next trip more enjoyable. Here are 5 ideas of some fun camping games that you should try next time you go with the your crew.

1. Tug of War

Split into two groups and test the strength of your team by each team pulling each side of the rope as a group. The group who falls or let go of the rope will lose the game.  

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2. Tag

It's time to now test your speed. You will have to first determine who is "it" as this person will be counting one to ten and start chasing members and tag them as fast as possible. The first tagged player will then be the new "it" and will have to continue chasing other players.

3. Cards

Make sure to bring a set of cards as there are thousands of different card games to play from poker to matching game to fishing game and many more.

4. Frisbee Cups

Frisbee cups will test your accuracy. You will be needing plastic cups, frisbees and garden stakes. Throw you frisbees and hit as many cups as you can to show off your skills. 

5. Hide and Seek

The classic 'Hide and Seek' is a great way to test how you can hide or how you locate as many players in the game. Make sure to get creative in your hiding spots and try to be unpredictable to win the game.


 It's all fun and games but this is your chance to bring out your competitive side while having fun with your loved ones.