Fourth of July - 5 Outdoor Activities -
Fourth of July weekend is coming up! It's a great holiday to celebrate the United States Independence. It's also a great holiday to get ready for summer as this holiday is the beginning of the feels for summer. Here are 5 outdoor activities you can do to celebrate and get ready for summer!
  • Watch or Light Up Fireworks

The main activity for the 4th of July. There are many public and local places that holds an event for this holiday that will have food trucks, activities, shows, and of course a firework show. Research online to see which places have events near you. This is a great way for the whole family to spend the holiday. You can pack a picnic, chairs, and much more to spend the whole day. Be sure to go early as parking and spots can fill up quick. If your city allows, you can purchase fireworks and light them in your own neighborhood. It's great to see how many fireworks go off at the same time. 

  • Host a Festive Party/BBQ

Become the host with the most by hosting a festive party. Decorate the house with red, white, and blue decor and make some festive desserts or dishes (you can search online). Serve some hot dogs and burgers to make it feel like the ultimate festive party. It'll be a great way to enjoy time with all the friends and family. End the day with lighting up some fireworks if your city allows. Or you can visit the nearest park to watch the fireworks.

  • Pool Party

A pool party with all your friends and family will be a great way to spend the holiday. You can plan a potluck for everyone to bring some good food and drinks or you can bbq some burgers and hot dogs. End the day with lighting up some fireworks if your city allows. Or you can visit the nearest park to watch the fireworks.

  • Go to the Beach

Head to the beach to cool off the hot summer weather with the whole family. The beach has many activities from swimming, making sand castles, playing sports, bike ride along the beach, swim in the ocean, and more. You can even pack some good food or make some burgers or hot dogs over the pit and have s'mores for dessert. If the city allows, you can even spark up some fireworks to get into the holiday spirit.

  • Go Camping

Plan a getaway weekend with the family to get away from the city and enjoy the nature. If you plan to visit a popular camping spot, be sure to book as soon as you can as this spots are booked in advance. If your heart is set on a spot that has no open reservations, look for spots that are first-come, first-serve. You'll have to wake up super early to reserve a spot but at least you can still visit a beautiful camping area for a last minute plan.