Discover the Ultimate Outdoor Cooling Kit - APL Famil

Discover the Ultimate Outdoor Cooling Kit - APL Famil

APL is the latest generation of outdoor cooling solutions for 2023. Remaining true to our original design philosophy, it has become the most loyal companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Throughout the design process, we received numerous suggestions and ideas from the ICECO community, including outdoor enthusiasts, off-roaders, and RV owners. Taking these into account, we decided to incorporate suggestions for functionality, appearance, and peripherals into the APL design. The APL series showcases ICECO's innovative pursuit of outdoor living and reflects the customer support and recognition we have accumulated in the outdoor community over the past four years. Let's provide a brief introduction to the APL family.


APL55 Portable Fridge

As the latest addition to our outdoor freezer collection, the APL55 is an outdoor fridge gladiator. It boasts a robust metal casing and sturdy construction, reinforced with a thick layer of insulation foam, making it capable of withstanding challenging environments.

Whether you're on flat and wide roads, exploring rugged jungle, or traversing deserts, the APL55 can accompany you to explore the world step by step.

In addition, the APL55 features many advanced living and travel functions:

  • Bluetooth connection control, allows you to manager your outdoor trips at your fingertip.
  • Flexible dual zone ensures flexible storage arrangements for your supplies.
  • Damping door hinges ensures a slow and safe lid closure, preventing any accidental bumps for you and your family.
  • Ambient breath light adds a touch of illumination during nighttime.

Base Trolley for APL55

If you've faced difficulties transporting a large outdoor fridge to your campsite, out base trolley can provide a convenient solution. The Trolley for APL55 is equipped with impact-resistant materials and a high chassis, making it capable of conquering even the roughest terrain, and transporting your APL to your desired campsite efficiently. Besides, you can add an Oxford cloth base to the bottom and convert it into a versatile outdoor trolley to carry other gear and supplies.

Magnetic Power Bank and Fordable Solar Panel Kit

If the base trolley provides additional mobility, then the Magnetic Power Battery provides additional power support for the fridge. With one power charge, it can power the APL55 for up to 5 hours. Plus, with an 80W solar panel, it enables  hassle-free off-grid living during your camping or overnight adventures.

In conclusion, the APL series design prioritized with full consideration of outdoor enthusiasts' experiences, committed to provide you comfort and distinctive memories. Let the APL series follows your pace and chill your adventures this summer!