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5 Best Free Apps to Find Epic Campsites Around You

Finding campsites can be challenging but certain apps can give us great assistance to exploring what would best for your preference. Reserve a place on the go with just a tap of a finger. Here are 5 of the best apps that will help you find epic campsites for your next trip.

1. Recreation.gov

Recreation.gov assists you at looking for reserve campsites with reviews to help you decide what is right for your preference. You can choose locations through criteria's/ categories of what kind of camping trip you are expecting. They also offer some tour activities and purchase tickets easily if you want to have a local experience at the decided location. You can also enter lotteries at high demand locations and bookmark your favorite locations for future use.

2. The Dyrt

The Dyrt offers a range of campgrounds for you to choose from near the city you'd want to camp at. They also will be having reviews on each campground. They give free camping gear monthly to over 200 random reviewers and make it easier for you to plan your trip. Pro members of the app can have access to tools for custom trip planning, finding free campgrounds, searching the map offline and good camp gear discounts.

3. Freeroam

If you love free things then you will love the app FreeRoam. It will show both paid and free campsites in the area you'd want to visit but you can choose to filter and choose to just see what free campgrounds specifically are in the area. You can also make friends with like-minded campers to chat and maybe meet at the campground. 

4. RA Camping

ReserveAmerica Camping is another popular app that lets you search for some good campsites in different areas. You can view all the campgrounds and see information on each with some photos. It tells you what kind of equipment and electric hookups are available in each campground. You also get a sneak peak of the location through its 3D touch feature.

5. Hipcamp

Hipcamp will let you find unique places for you to go camping or glamping. They are known for finding you some hidden gems that are available near a certain area. Make sure to check out this app to look for some fun outdoor stay with your family.