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5 Must-Have Apps for Van Life and RV Road Trips

Camper vans and RV living has grown its popularity over the years. Some have chosen this as their lifestyle and others use their RV or van during their road trips. It's quite convenient having a home that you can drive around while you are on the go.

There are many apps that could be useful for your trip especially if you are starting out or going to an unfamiliar destination. Thus, here are some apps that we are sharing with you to make sure you are on the right path.

1. Maps Me

Sometimes your phone signal is not your best friend, so Maps me is a great app so that you can have access to offline maps and use GPS navigation when you are completely offline.

  • Offline maps
  • GPS navigation can be used completely offline
  • Off-line turn by turn navigation
  • Can bookmark to save locations
  • Directions works for vehicles, bikes or walking
  • It is FREE!
  • Can search online name address, coordinates, categories such as finding the nearest ATM or public transportation, food, etc

2. RV Dump Stations

The RV Dump Stations app tells you the locations for dump stations to empty your tank and includes rest areas for RVs, vans and trucks throughout US and Canada.

  • It is 99 cents
  • Dump station locations
  • Rest areas and trucks stops

 3. Walmart Overnight Parking App

Did you know that Walmart allows you to park at their parking lot overnight? Thanks to the Walmart Overnight Parking app, it will let you know which Walmart around you is accessible for parking and each spot has reviews from previous users.

  • You’ll find each Walmart around you that allows or doesn’t allow overnight parking
  • Previous users add their report/review of their experience at the parking
  • It is $2.99

4. Gas Buddy

Gas is everything when it comes to road tripping and living on the road so every cent matters. Gas Buddy will be your new best friend because it tells the gas stations near you and you can instantly see their prices to compare to maximize your savings while you area on the go.

  • It is FREE
  • Get the best gas price in your area

5. RV Parks & Campgrounds

RV Parks and Campgrounds is the best app to finding where to park your RV in commercial parks and campgrounds.

  • Finding parks and campgrounds to park your vehicle
  • Campgrounds are rated and reviewed
  • Option to navigate to location
  • Gives you contact information, directions, amenities and website
  • It is FREE