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5 Fun Things to do While Camping with Friends & Families

Camping is our time to detox and get a break from our phones. Sometimes, were are so used to the city life that it takes some adjusting to forget about wifi. Nevertheless, we all know that camping is a lot of fun especially if you make the most out of it. Here are some fun things that you can do with your friends and family that will make your camping experience more memorable and a chance to will bring you and your loved ones closer.

1. Bring a Guitar & Sing with Your Group

This first one may only work if at least one person knows how to play the guitar. Let that person play some campfire music while you are all surrounded in a circle and sing together as a group. It can be both a relaxing and fun time.

2. Hike and Explore the Area

Hiking has a lot of benefits including lowering your stress levels and clearing your mind. This would be a great place for you to explore and see what is out there in nature.

3. Cook Something New

Bring a recipe that you haven't done before and make it while camping with your team. Let your friends and family be the judge on your cooking skills or let them even help you with what you are making.

4. Make S'mores at Firewood

Is there really a point of having firewood if there are no s'mores involved? Have some fun and make some easy delicious snacks even though they may not be the healthiest snack right now. It can be cheat day when we are talking about s'mores by the firewood.

5. Play Corn hole & Frisbee

Have some outdoor games like corn hole or frisbee. If you don't have the materials then play games that won't require you to bring anything like hide and seek.