Win a FREE Brand New Mobile Refrigerator by Tagging US -

Win a FREE Brand New Mobile Refrigerator by Tagging US

We are very excited to be soon releasing our new upgraded iCooler, the JP60Pro , and we want YOU to be one of the first people to test it!!


How to Win the Fridge?
1. Repost the JP60P photo on Instagram and tag us ( Instagram stories do not count)
2. On the Instagram post, make sure to include the Indiegogo link in the caption to help others sign up and get the latest for the early bird deals:
3. Tag 2 people in the comment section.

As part of becoming our tester, winner will have to agree to write a short article on their experience with the fridge and provide at least 25 lifestyle photos.

Winner will be announced on May 30 so make sure to not miss this opportunity! 


What Makes the JP60P Different

The JP60Pro will be an upgrade of the VL42 iCooler which is a multifunctional, 3 in one fridge. You can use it as a freezer, refrigerator and a cooler. It now has a couple of add-ons such as detachable wheels, a tray, a cup holder and a satchel.

The are the dimensions of the fridge are 28.9 X 19.3 X 18.8 inches. To see the JP60P in action, check out this video:


Early Bird Discount Deals

To make sure that you are up-to-date and get the best early bird deals, make sure that you sign up on our Indiegogo subscription: