The New JP60P is Now Live for Early Bird Deals! -

The New JP60P is Now Live for Early Bird Deals!

The JP60Pro is finally live on Indiegogo for its early bird deals! This multifunctional portable fridge, freezer and cooler is an upgrade to the JP42 iCooler with its new cool features that you haven't seen before.

Click on this link to be the first to get the JP60P with an early bird deal:

Fridge Accessories

    1. Detachable Wheels

        -The detachable wheels will assist you to move around the fridge at ease even when filled up to 100 pounds.

    2. Cutting Board

        -Use the cutting board connected to your fridge to slice your fruits and vegetables while you are camping.

    3. Bottle Opener/Fish Measuring Ruler

        -The convenient built-in bottle opener is there for you to remove the caps of your favorite brew. No need to carry around your own portable bottle opener anymore at camping trips.

    4. Cup Holder

        -Keep your fridge and drink right next to you without worrying of accidentally spilling it when on vacation.

   5. Built-in Water Release

        -You can keep your drinks cool by filling some ice or even filling the fridge with water in the middle to freeze then unplugging the power afterwards. It has water release on the side to easily remove excess water.

  6. 12V DC power cord and AC adapter

        - Just like most ICECO products, you'll have a 12 power cord and an AC adapter so that you can plug your fridge in your vehicle or at your home.