Introducing ICECO’s New Camping Tent for Family Camping -

Introducing ICECO’s New Camping Tent for Family Camping

ICECO is proud to announce that we are having an addition to our camping gear collection. We proudly present to you our new camping tent that ensures long lasting use. It is perfect for families and friends that want to spend a couple of nights away to go camping, fishing or hiking.


The camping tent will have a large space inside that can fit up to 4 people. The dimensions of the tent are 10.59 X 8.14 X 4.43 ft and it will allow you to have a separated room inside divided by a curtain.

Durable & High Quality

We want to keep our reputation of continuing to use high quality materials into building our camping gear collection. The tent will consist of a floor fabric of 150D oxford with PU2000 polyester materials for the rest of the tent. The tent is durable with waterproof performance so that it can be used for any season or weather.

It will also consist of strong tent resistant poles to hold up your tent and to build your own porch with steady construction.

Easy to Store

The tent is easy to set up with poles that can take down the tent in minutes. You will also have an easy time to store the tent with its fabric and foldable poles into the mini bag.


You will have a 12-month warranty on your camping tent and we will have our local after-sales team to solve any of the problems that will arise during your use of the tent.


Difference between the Green and Blue Tent

Incase you haven't noticed, our tents come in 2 colors and it is not just the design that differentiates them. 

UV protection

The green camping tent will have UPF50 with UV protection to block 90% of the sunlight. On the other hand, the blue camping tent will not have this feature. 




 The green camping tent will be slightly heavier in material than the blue tent. It won't be much of a difference as the blue will weigh 11.2 pounds. while the green tent will weight 12.2 pounds.


You may notice that the green tent is $40 more expensive than the blue camping tent and it will mainly because of its UV protection and its camouflage look.



Enjoy Camping!

That's pretty much all you need to know about our new camping tent. Make sure to have fun while you are out there in nature!