Time and Dedication shaped the GO20 - www.icecofreezer.com

We have been talked with our R&D product manager Rain to know more about ICECO GO20. It is a long process to shape a product with appearance and talent. In 2012, we have been finished the prototype design, an idea about break down stereotypes of the portable freezer (dull and beast), to make a modern and amazing product——GO20. Hard to say how much difficulties we met, but they still catch your eyes when ICECO introduced to the market in 2019.Manuscript drawing


It is hard to make a balance between appearance and performance on one portable freezer. As we know, keep cooling is the most important factor for a freezer, so most freezers on the market are made by a thick, thick shell, this is the first breakthrough in our team. we took a special thermal insulation material to help GO20 keep its cooling and prevent the outside heat, which made ICECO looks lighter and fashion but still work well. Consider that ABS shell in the trunk scratches easily, we decided to adopt the automotive-grade paint on the surface to ensure the smooth of appearance, meanwhile, we mixed the metal powder with material which enhance the ornamental, shinning and bling-bling.



2.Dual-Zone Design

Someone may be wondering the partition in the middle what for. This is a patent for ICECO. With this partition, GO20 can realize one freezer multi-purpose. Be a freezer or fridge, or freezer/fridge at the same time. Rain told us they wanted to make a two separate zone portable freezer in originally, but it seems too small for the customers to stock red wine. For this purpose, the R&D team came up with a solution that made a flexible dual-zone design freezer to meet the demands of owing freezer and fridge at the same time.

ICECO GO20 Dual Zone

3.Human-based Design

GO20 is more a humanized portable freezer than the technical design. GO20 is an intelligent machine, with the Bluetooth, you can achieve to control freezer within 10 miles. The whole inside cabinet complies with FDA food-grade, you don’t need to worry about the health and stock food safe. The handles are integrated with the fuselage, which can save space and easy to take wherever you go. Moreover. We took damping as one part for the door, it can maximize the safety of using the machine, especially for the kids, keeping away from the crush, be scared of bumping.




The automobile refrigerator is divided into two types: Semiconductor Electronics refrigerators and refrigerator compressor motor vehicles. A compressor is a hardware core for the GO20, we use the only compressor approved by the main engine factory——Secop (Danfoss) Compressor. Also, we set the 3 levels of battery protection and passed by the EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility). With the guarantee of the long-term using, ICECO portable freezer not about for your safety for your road-life but also for your car life.

Our wish is that make the car life better. Seven years whets one portable freezer, also we have been recognized by the industry, the winner of the 2019 Reddot Award and Idea Design Award. on the guideline basis of "oriented by customer demand, survive on quality”, we will act as before, emphasis on the belief of enterprise and provide better products for our customers.