New Arrvial——Bigger size, more choice -

Based on the feedback from our customers, we found that more of you are seeking for the bigger size, greater capacity portable freezer, so ICECO introduced three new metal portable refrigerators.

VL Series portable freezer

VL comes from van-life, featuring in strong and beast. If you are a RV trucker, you will know how a good portable freezer will act in. If you are a newbie, in the face of a large number of portable freezer brands and hesitate in how to choose a freezer for your van, VL series will be a good start. There are 5 different choices for you,

45 Liter, 60 Liter single zone, 60 Liter dual-zone, 65 Liter dual-zone, 74 Liter single zone, meet your demand from various capacity.



All VL series product are use Secop (Danfoss) compressor, covers 5-year warranty on compressor and 1 year for all other parts.

The features of VL:

1. Quiet in operation.

2. Excellent in keep cooling.

3. Huge internal storage space.

4. Heavy-duty equipments.

Brand new VL model coming soon, hope you can join us!