Introducing the New JP Pro + Everything You Need to Know -

Introducing the New JP Pro + Everything You Need to Know

We are excited to announce that our newest model, the JP Pro, is now out on Indiegogo. The JP Pro Series is the latest upgrade from its classic JP series, bringing in a significant improvement by providing a completely new look with a modern exterior design with some new added features. 


Available now on Indiegogo:


Fridge and Freezer Feature

Just like any other ICECO fridge, the JP Pro is used as a portable fridge or freezer that can be plugged in your vehicle or at your home. It's cooling temperature ranges from -4℉ to -68℉ so you can keep your food fresh everyday with no ice needed.

Reversible Lid

The JP Pro features a reversible lid to give you access to open the fridge from each side where you can also even completely take the lid off at any time to conveniently grab some food or beverage inside easily!


Low Power Consumption

ICECO tested the JP Pro's power consumption and lead with a result that the JP Pro's cost of power consumption is lower than 1.003kw.h/24h when used in Max mode cooling to -4℉. This would make the JP Pro suitable for a long term use.

High Quality Compressor

ICECO is known for using the Danfoss/Secop compressor is known worldwide for its high quality performance, reliability, low power consumption and very low noise. The JP Pro Series continues to use the Secop compressor as its main cooling system, and ICECO provides a 5 year warranty on compressor.

Mobile Refrigerator

The new Jp Pro features an adjustable pull handle and wheels making it easy to move the fridge anywhere you go. 

Optional UV Disinfection Light

The JPPro features a UV disinfection light to provide protection against viruses and bacteria to sterilize the food inside the fridge, The UV light will automatically turn off when it senses the lid is about to open and also automatically turn off after 30 minutes. You also have the option to turn off the UV sterilization light at any time.

Reminds You to Close the Lid

If forget to close the fridge lid when you are in a hurry, the JP Pro will alert you and alarm one minute later to remind you to close it. 


JP40Pro With Cover

Capacity: 40L/42QT

Dimension(L*W*H): 28.5*13.8*18inches

JP50Pro With Cover

Capacity: 50L/52.8QT

Dimension(L*W*H): 28.5*13.8*21inches