Introducing ICECO's Sleeping Bag -

Incase you haven't heard it yet, we've added a new release to our outdoor gears. We proudly announce that we now have a sleeping bag to add to your camping equipment! Keep yourself warm and cozy while you sleep anywhere you desire. 

This incredibly warm, water resistant sleeping bag works great at cold temperatures and different seasons to keep you cozy at night. 

Built-in Side Arm Holes

The sleeping bag has 2 built-in arm holes that will allow you to stay warm while giving you the option to use your hands to either use your phone, read, drink and many more. 

Optional Liner Available

This optional lightweight polar fleece liner will give you additional warmth for a better upgrade for colder temperatures. Adding the liner will cost an additional $20 which would make $85 for the whole set.  

With dimensions of 36.2×12.5×12.5inches, a six foot person will be able to sleep comfortably in this 100% cotton sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag is easy to carry whether you want to put it in a bag or wrap it with some straps. The whole bag will be about 9.26 pounds so you'll be able to take to your camping trips at ease.

All in All

ICECO's new water resistant sleeping bag is here to bring you warmth whenever you are sleeping outdoors. For an extra warm for cold weathers, consider adding the liner option. The sleeping bag is designed for backpackers and campers so we have made it sure that it is easy to pack up and carry during your adventures. ICECO has a local after sale team that can help you 24/7 if you ever have any questions or need any help.