How to Wash Your Portable Fridge?
How to properly and quickly clean the inside of the ICECO fridge and remove odors. Five easy steps to protect your fridge

First of all, ICECO fridge have one special different point. It has a nice storage and organizer space. We've included a free basket for quick access and the ability to separate items from the case. Mess and a contamination of the food from the melted liquid is reduced. So its cleaning method will be easier than some other brands.

First make sure the fridge is powered off and away from the power source. Store and organize the food or beverages in the refrigerator, take out the movable items in the fridge first, and empty the space in the box.

Then the second step is to determine whether the refrigerator has a drain hole outlet the dirty water. If there is a drain hole design, simply rinse the inside of the box with water and pull out the drain plug. This can initially reduce some rancid smells caused by meat blood or vegetable juices. If it is an integrated refrigerator without a drain, you need to use a bucket of water and pour it into the refrigerator. (In this step, pay attention to the water not exceeding the height of the temperature sensor level).

The second step is a rinse with an alkaline cleaner that doesn't damage plastics such as baking soda and metal surfaces. This step can effectively remove some hardened or hard-to-rinse stains. And softens the dirt that has caked and some sticky dirt.

The third step is to use a clean sponge or a clean cloth to clean the stains, which can effectively protect the metal (plastic) inner wall of the refrigerator and remove the stains more easily.

The fourth step is to open the fridge lid and dry the moisture from inside and outside. Check whether the power interface and the internal temperature probe have entered the water. After confirming, you can connect the power to try to see if there is any problem with the fridge.

The last step is to use a Tea bag or activated charcoal for a deodorization. A simple deodorization and protection can be done by using a dehumidifying and deodorizing two-pack that comes with the ICECO fridge. (silica gel and Desiccant)