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Photo: @big_al.323 Photographer: @jimmyspeeks_ Gaining access to your portable refrigerator on the trail can be a challenge especially if you have not packed light. You would either have to get inside your vehicle or you'd have to carry the fridge out to open it properly. Depending on which portable refrigerator you get, the refrigerator alone is usually heavy. Hence, how much more if you leave in your drinks and food inside. The ICECO sliders were carefully created by our design team to specifically be the perfect fit for our selected portable refrigerators. This slider mount is here to make it convenient to help make your road trip be more comfortable. The slider itself travels...

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12v car fridge, camping, camping fridge, ICECO, ICECO Cooler, ICECO iCooler -

We are now living in a digital world! Here at ICECO, we made sure that we were not falling behind when it comes to adapting to technology. The GO20 portable refrigerator freezer has the bluetooth feature that allows you to use your phone as the remote control of your refrigerator. Yes, you can control your portable refrigerator with just a tap on your phone. How convenient! If you are not a fan of the bluetooth feature, then you can simply use the buttons on the refrigerator. This feature enables you to adjust the temperature of your refrigerator, save its battery life or turn...

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