Camping Essentials for Summer 2022 -

Summer is slowly coming back as we are starting to get ready for camping season. Hence, here are some camping essentials that you do not want to miss out to have a better and more comfortable camping experience.

1. Camping Tent with UPF

It's one thing to get a camping tent but a camping tent with UPF is its own upgrade. Don't you hate it if we have to wake up early in the morning because the sun hit our eyes. Well, thanks to the UPF, you won't be having that issue and you can have a long comfortable sleep.

2.  Solar Charger

The solar charger will be your best friend to charge your phones and have an everlasting flashlight. Since the sun will be out, might as well take advantage of it and use its energy.

3. Camping Grill

This portable grill is easy to carry around and won't take much of your space because you can fold it easily in seconds. Cook some delicious good on your trips for a more enjoyable camping trip.

4. Campsite Storage Strap

Don't you hate it when you can't find things while camping because they are all over the place, stacked together or hidden under somewhere. This storage strap will make your camping essentials more accessible and easy to reach by keeping you organized.

5. Comfortable Sleeping Bag

When camping, we tend to miss our beds but a comfortable sleeping bag is important to provide you a stress free sleep. This ICECO sleeping bag offers an optional polar fleece liners add-on to keep you extra warm for colder nights. It also has built-in side arm holes that allows you to use your hands while in the bed for when you are reading or using your phone.

6. Cooking Kit

There can be a lot of cooking tools needed when camping and it can take a lot of space so this cookingware mess kit will make your life much easier by keeping everything together in one small kit.

7. Camping Chair

ICECO's foldable camping chair can be used to sit down or you can also adjust the chair to fully lie down and relax while you are sunbathing.

8. Space Saving Kitchen Tools

These space Saving Cooking Tools contains a cheese grater, bottle opener, fruit/vegetable peeler, pizza cutter and garlic/ginger grinder which are all in miniature sizes to help you keep your tools handy.


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