How to choose a portable refrigerator

With a portable refrigerator there is no need to worry about ice melting or taking up valuable space inside the refrigerator. Most fridges can also function as freezers, and some, like ICECO GO20 and VL60, even have two compartments you can set at different temperatures—from 50 to -8 degrees Fahrenheit. Imagine enjoying ice cream on your next summer adventure. But there are so many brands and models of portable refrigerators on the market, how do you choose the one that suits you best?

1. Choose it depends on what you need

In order to determine the optimal volume, you need to understand why you are buying a car-refrigerator. If you need it for long trips—buyers should count on a larger volume. But if all they need is a bottle of cold water or a bag of sandwiches on hand—GO12 will be more than enough.


The larger the volume, the more it will consume electricity and the greater its price. And if you do not travel regularly on business trips or vacations—you don’t need a refrigerator with a capacity of more than 20 Liters.

2. Choose it depends on the temperature range

Due to the significant difference in price, many drivers prefer cheaper models. But the choice of a mini car refrigerator based on its price is not the right option. If you need a fridge just for having a bottle of cold water in your hand, you don’t need an expensive model. But if you regularly transport a perishable food products or a fun of picnics, then you will save with compressor models.


But now, ICECO JP serie is on the market. ICECO use Secop compressor, which is known as Danfoss compressor as well, Secop is the expert in advanced compressor technologies. Secop create and support solutions that set the performance standard for leading businesses around the world.


ICECO JP serie price is around $500, which is a breathtaking price in compared with the other brand that uses Secop in the USA. Also, ICECO offers 5 years warranty on the compressor and 1-year warranty on the other parts. We have a professional after-sales team in LA. 24 hours on call.


3. Choose it depends on your car’s model

If you have a car and you do not travel regularly on business trips or vacations, GO serie suits you the best. If you have a van, an RV, a jeep, an SUV, JP serie suits you the best. If you have a pickup, semi-truck, VL serie suits you the best. 18.8 inches height, perfect match pick-up truck tonneau cover!