ICECO Valentine's Extravaganza: Sweet Deals for a Cool Valentine's Day

ICECO Valentine's Extravaganza: Sweet Deals for a Cool Valentine's Day

Hey outdoor enthusiasts! If you're in the market for a high-quality portable fridge to keep your food and drinks fresh in the wild, then ICECO should be your top pick! Since 2005, ICECO has been a leading manufacturer with a strong commitment to sustainable R&D and over 104 technical patents. And now, they are holding a Valentine's Day sale!

Whether you're planning a weekend camping trip or gearing up for an adventurous expedition, ICECO offers a range of stylish and practical outdoor portable fridges to meet your needs. From December 13th to December 15th, all ICECO series products will enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions! You can get up to a whopping 30% off.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to get an ICECO fridge for you and your loved ones, making your outdoor adventures more enjoyable and convenient!

Check out these fantastic savings you can enjoy:


  1. APL20: Save $86.7: Embrace the unique case-style all-aluminum ultra-light retro design. Its vintage look blends perfectly with your storage cases, while the super quiet compressor with a sleep mode ensures your food stays frozen silently. Get $50 cash back on the first 5 cover packages per day during Valentine's Day.

  1. APL55: Save $128.9: Trusted by countless off-road enthusiasts, this portable fridge can withstand extreme conditions, elevating your outdoor adventure experience. With a 5-year warranty on the compressor and a 1-year warranty on other parts, this dual-zone portable fridge, powered by a reliable SECOP compressor, efficiently cools between 68°F and -4°F, keeping your food and drinks fresh. The innovative convertible dual system of the APL55 offers unparalleled flexibility to meet varying storage needs.

  1. VL60D with Cover: Save $127.3 Experience the ultimate convenience of a fridge and freezer without the hassle of ice melting. With a large 63 QT capacity and flexible dual compartments to prevent flavor mixing, it's ideal for camping trips, road adventures, and beyond.

  2. JP40: Save $167.7: Perfect for short trips, this compact fridge offers a steady cooling experience. Its slim design fits not only in the rear trunk but also in the backseat gaps with ease.

Seize Valentine's Day to set up an outdoor adventure for your loved one and invest in reliable and innovative cooling solutions with ICECO. No more soggy food; no more frequent trips to buy ice. Click here to check out more discount information.