5 Items That Can Improve Your Vanlife, RV Trip

5 Items That Can Improve Your Vanlife, RV Trip

Many people choose to travel by RV because it is cheaper and has more freedom, while others find it to be more exquisite and convenient. One of the most important in the United States is that many campgrounds offer you enough to live in, and all you need is some simple preparation to enjoy the fresh air, breathtaking mountains, and crystal clear lakes and rivers. As an increasing number of people want to escape the city and become RVers, they can go outdoors for barbecues, hiking, fishing or even just lay back and watch the sky. Then you need to prepare some things to enhance the quality of your trip.

Some small items in an RV are often inconspicuous but can significantly improve the overall quality of life. You may have some doubts about why you need to prepare these small items for your RV trip.

RV Camp Life

Because the RV is another home, a home on the road. Everything you need for your life is compressed into a small car. Everything that usually feels normal behavior inside the RV becomes completely different. Here are five of the most popular products based on customer feedback.

1. Portable power station

Power station is a product that must be introduced in the first place. Because electricity is basically a necessity to maintain you still in the "modern life". In the outdoor road, generators or solar panels is a thing that people may be inclined to. But additional energy storage devices can be more efficient use of these energy. Whether it's lights, stoves, and other everyday devices. Even speaker, radio, projector and other entertainment equipment. All need electricity to support.

ICECO 250WH Power Bank: $249

ICECO 250WH Magnetic Power Bank: $269

2. Medic-kit

Medic-kit is the equipment that I will put in the car and will check regularly. Whether it's painkillers, vitamins, fructose, bandages, tourniquets, hand sanitizer, windproof matches and some emergency drugs and tools to deal with the danger. So no matter what happens you have the means to self-help and medical treatment. Emergency situations can also help others, for others is also a good measure of protection.

3. Folding Table and Chair

Folding Table and Chair are a point that people tend to ignore. Because of the small space in the car, and most of the items and appliances will occupy a relatively large position. Make the original small space more difficult to move. A set of seats that can be pulled out and folded at any time can be used not only in the car, but also outside the car as an additional place to put things. Just a few seconds, lock, link, you can have a platform that can weigh and have a certain height. However, it should be noted that you need to find a suitable size for your car.

4. A cooler or a portable Fridge

The reason for recommending this stuff is that it is simple, good and practical. For travel, the most intolerable thing is soggy food. Close to the city there will be supermarkets gas stations and other places to replenish resources, but once you leave the urban you will need space to store food. Whether it's a cooler or a refrigerator, a cooler is cheap for short distances, but has two fatal disadvantages. The ice is easy to melt and is not very light to move and maintain. Refrigerators can preserve food more efficiently and maximize space. If it's a two-bin refrigerator, you can also try out the partition. This way you can also have a space for beer and drinks. Very convenient and efficient.My only complaint is that dual zone refrigerators are more expensive and will have a larger volume capacity. Not very friendly for small RVs.

ICECO portable freezer fridge with capacities ranging from 20L to 90L.

12V Refrigerator for RVers, vanlife, Outdoor.

5. Sport camera or digital camera

See the beautiful scenery why not record it? With the people you like and the things you love. Save it all on your computer or in a cloud drive, so you can keep it as a memento to collect everything you've experienced together later. The camera is not recommended to use too large and heavy models, and according to their ability to choose to adapt to the features and brands. If you don't have a camera, you can use your phone to shoot and record it all. But always remember to waterproof, the early morning dew is very dangerous for electronic products.