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VL60 Dual Review by Van Life Couple May & Derek

If you've wondered what it is like living in a van, then we have the perfect couple for you to follow. Van life couple May and Derek will give you a glimpse of what it is like traveling around America in a van while exploring the beauty of each state.

You can read their full blog post to get more in detail about their review for the VL60 dual fridge.

A 12v Fridge Will Help Save Money in the Long Run and Lead to a Healthier Lifestyle While on The Road

May and Derek currently owns the VL60 dual and the VL60ProS. They started off with the VL60 dual first for their first van because they knew they wanted a 12v fridge to save money and eat healthier while living in a van. The dual zone features allows them to use the portable fridge as a freezer and refrigerator so that they are able to cook food rather than buy prepared food all the time while on the road. Freezing meat will help preserve its nutritional value and keeps it from spoiling for long lasting use while the refrigerator allows them to keep their food fresh and enjoy any leftovers.  

"All you need to know is that the fridge you’re getting will meet your needs and hold up to the daily grind of life on the road, all while staying within your budget."

Long Lasting Use of the Fridge for the Road is One of the Most Important Things to Consider

ICECO's portable fridges are all about longevity due to their Danfoss Secop compressors. You can use the portable freezers by having them on for 24 hours a day and it can last you for a lifetime.

"It has been one year since we bought ICECO dual zone fridge for our first camper van and it is still running smoothly (despite all of the bumpy roads on our van adventures). That’s why we chose ICECO again for our second van conversion."

AC and DC Cables Allow You to Use your Fridge in Your Vehicle but also Outdoors and Indoors

All of the ICECO portable fridges will give you the option to plug your fridge in your vehicle or at home. It's pretty much the best of both worlds.

"The fridge comes with two cables, and it can work both on AC and DC. The device can plug directly into any AC wall outlet and its included cable can also draw power from a 12-volt port in a car. It’s versatile to charge in your vehicle or at home, which makes it a great option not just for campers, but also for family picnics. Put to use in the field, ICECO fridge is surprisingly efficient and quiet. That makes it great for use in the backyard, at family picnics, or just about anywhere else you want to take it."